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  • Better than I expected!

    posted by waffle

    I didn't expect this to be easy to use. At this price, I figured I'd get something functional but poorly designed, but no, this is actually pretty good. Setting times is performed via a thumb wheel on the side, which you click inward to move between seconds, minutes, and hours, and rotate to select numbers. Very useable!
    Build quality is better than most cheap cable releases, but certainly not to the standards of the much more expensive Canons and Nikons.
    It also has a standard locking release button, which requires no battery power. Nice!
    If I could get this in a wireless version, I'd be even happier :) I usually use a wireless release for long exposures, but this should be more practical.
    It's expensive for a 'cheap' release, but much cheaper than the brand name alternatives.
  • Works well with a Nikon 5100

    posted by alehillebrand

    - Easy to use.- feels solid.- does exactly what an intervelometer should do.- it allows you to take long exposure photos going beyond the camara limits.
    the 5100 has an built-in intervelometer but has one limitation, it takes only 999 photos, with this, you can overcome that problem, aditionally, you can take long exposure photos with more than 30 sec. exposure.
    Great cost/benefit ratio, if you are starting to experiment with timelapses, stop motion or long exposure photography, this is for you, you get a good product for a killer price!
  • Works just fine

    posted by thwibble

    Works as described. Lots of functionality. Easy to use. Receiver sits nicely on the flash-shoe if desired. Remote is comfortable to work with. DIP switches control which frequency to operate on.
    The manual shutter-release button on the remote doesn't have good tactile feel-back. It doesn't feel solid. However once the timer/interval mode is engaged you don't use it anyway.
    Would recommend. Considering that the official Nikon unit is twice this price and doesn't have half the functionality this is a good buy.
  • Better alternative, than nikon’s original remote trigger itself

    posted by Siberex

    Easy to attach, easy to use.Good feedback from trigger (via LED and sound).Can be used in wired mode also (wire included).Good enough made quality.Batteries included also.
    Perfect alternative to original trigger from nikon, and even more functional and useful than it.
    Highly recommended to whose who want to save some money.
  • Very good device

    posted by matveichhg

    Very good device, almost identical to Nikon's MC-36 at 1/3 the price.Everything works well, nothing to complain about (But still not tested all features).
    It would be good to have a more longer cable with this device. The one this trigger comes with - is about 1 m. long.
    Very good. I'm going to buy another one for my Nikon D7000


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