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timer remote samsung Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product for the price!

    posted by Nixxen

    -Very good copy of the official product.-Easy to understand and use interface.-Long battery life(even though it claims the battery is running out. I've been using it for 14 days straight since the "low battery" icon appeared - I scratch that off as a low quality battery)-Optional illuminated LCD helps a LOT when shooting in the dark and you don't want to ruin your shot with a too powerful flashlight, even though the LCD could be a bit brighter.-Allows you to select "---" or infinite number of shots! You are NOT limited to the 399 shots I assumed I would be.
    Not much to add.It works as advertised.
    I use this to take timelapse shots with my Canon G12.I've been taking several day/night long cycles with this, and it has worked flawlessly.The "low battery" icon started showing after just one day of use, but since then I have left it on for over 14 days straight(!!!) without any problem. This is possibly just because of a low quality battery that can't handle the lower temperatures at night, but are still able to power the device.I have not used it as a timer or remote trigger for other than just testing to see if it worked(yes it works), but that's just because I'm more into timelapse photography rather than whatever I'd use the remote trigger function for.
  • Very Usefull Remote For Time Lapse Shooting Or As A Remote Trigger

    posted by windhys

    It has built in LCD back lightIt held comfortably in your handButtons are layout nicelyShutter half release button works wonderfully for auto focusingIt uses 2 x AAA batteries (Bundled in this package)It can work as a trigger without any batteriesIt is well built
    It's a great shutter remote control if you are looking to do time lapse or to use it as a shutter release button. You may have to fiddle with it a bit to understand how it works because the user manual is not that much helpful
  • Very useful

    posted by djarsik

    I've been using this timer remote shutter for astrophotography purposes, and I found it very useful for many reasons:
    1- It's quite cheaper than the original one.
    2- You can set the timer to take a lot of pictures meanwhile you're doing other tasks.
    3- Very useful for astrophotography and time-lapses.
    If you need a timer shutter, just buy this one, it's almost perfect.
  • Wireless Timer Remote Control TW282

    posted by Dadao

    This is an excellent product, high-performance, I believe to be one of the best Wireless Timer Remote Control, is a product the Original Pixel. Tested it on my camera Canon Rebel T1i and it worked perfectly. Is special to work with single shooting, continuous shooting whitin one second Delay, BULB shooting and Delay shooting. Ideal tool to prepare photos par works with time-lapse.
    Advise the Dealextreme improve the description and data about the product on the site, this will improve the vision of interested and attract more buyers. There is a lot of information about this product on Google and its applications. I have a product manual in Portuguese of Brazil, that means, if you have interest can provide, free of charge.
    Its ok
  • Recommended

    posted by KennethChile

    - Works Perfect on 550D/T2i Canon Camera
    - Easy to Use and Configure for time lapse shots
    - Good Build Quality
    - Nice Display
    - On / Off Button
    - Delay Function (for first shot)
    I have taken very time lapses shots, and the product works perfect, very precise on shots.
    Best option compared to buy the original and Overpriced Canon Shutter.

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