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time module Customers Reviews

  • Cheap RTC/EEPROM combo

    posted by arcomri

    - small size, breadboard friendly- battery-backed RTC- pullups on SDA, SCL and SQW lines- PCB contains pads for 2032 battery holder on the bottom side- reasonable build quality (no misaligned parts)
    Unpopulated transistor can be used for open-drain SQW output, if needed.
    Nice little module for hobby projects.
  • Very good Time/Date/Data keeping IC

    posted by bfridman

    Has Back-Up battery which lets you disconnect the device from power supply without time loosing.Also it can recharge battery (By default the battery-recharging-function is neutralized and can be activated by special command).In addition DS1302 has RAM memory for any data so you do not need special Flash Memory to remember the settings in case of power loss.
    The recharging-battery-function is by default neutralized to prevent damaging non rechargeable batteries. To activate this function you must give special command, but if you want do it, you must choose right kind of rechargeable battery according to datasheet.Also provide the good contacts while connect the IC to circuit/controller to ensure the correct data reading.
    Datasheet can be downloaded from:http://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/DS1302.pdfThe library can be downloaded from:http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/library.php?id=5
  • Nice to use and cheap to pay

    posted by margrilo

    Simplify all the work of mounting this circuit.Ease to use.very small.Very cheap.
    This circuit is very usefull to create datalog systems so do not have to waste some time creating your own PCB just by paying so less for it its very a nice deal.
    buy this stuff if don't want to waste some extra work on mounting it by yourself. Here in Brazil just the DS1302 CI costs more then the total price od the circuity here on DX.com.
  • Works as advertised

    posted by czernitko

    Works as expected. Easy installation on Raspberry Pi, easy setup on Gentoo. The perfect thing is that this works at 3.3V level, so you don't need anything else. Just plug this into the board and you're good to go.
    Battery lifetime is the only thing that could couse some trouble, otherwise this chip works as expected.
    Definitely worth the money.Pinout documentation: http://elinux.org/RPi_Low-level_peripheralsAs for gentoo, you'll need i2c-dev and rtc-ds1307 modules loaded into your kernel. Then you can use hwclock as usual.
  • DS1302 Real Time Clock Module - Blue

    posted by Troncs

    Modulo excencial to complete projects with arduino. Who rode or ridden a complete project knows the importance of this module.
    With this module does not lose information generated by the controller after a power outage.
    A very good choice for my projects...On page search is easily found a tutorial for installing this module. Do not forget that this module works for n lose the memory controller and not to be confused with the power controller

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