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thermometer sensor Customers Reviews

  • Excellent piece of equipment

    posted by velezpedro

    The thermometer works really well. It comes with a cd with software that is easy to install and compatible with Windows 7 + 8 (probably others).After calibrating it, it's really accurate.The software has some cool options like recording the temperature for a determined time.
    I wish I could have found the hygrometer function and how to use it properly. Also, although the software is really great, it's update is due, since the interface looks a bit old.
    It doesn't get better than this. It's really cheap and serves its purpose right. I gave it to my father as he repairs fridges and stuff, and even used it a few times as a normal thermometer, just use it on your armpit only to be safe.
  • Thermometer comparisons

    posted by Poppyseed

    Large LED display. Very fast response to temperature changes. The response time is in the seconds range. Only used 1 button battery. Can also display the time on top of the temperature. The temperature readings are quite accurate when compared to a glass type thermometer. Please see the posted images for more information.
    Be the wire by 1-2 ft. longer for outdoor measurements. When used on the car for outdoor measurements, it has to be placed near the side windows due to the short wire.
    As far as temperature is concerned, it gives accurate readings.
  • Useful thermometer

    posted by Loeken

    Good price for a useful thermometer, needs to have a 'holder' in order to use it normally.
    Recommended for low budget use
    Its a good choice if you need a build in thermometer with low precision. Cheap for what you get, the length of the cable could be longer though
  • Good product if you're fine with +/-1°C variation

    posted by xachopin

    - Good quality- Good price - Battery is lithium, so it should last quite some time...- Can be fixed to the aquarium with the suction cup or to the wall with a screw- Very easy to check aquarium temperature, even if you are 2 meters away- You can switch from Celcius to Ferenheit- Can even be turned off
    The accuracy is +/-1°C, but it's fine as long as you know it. I'm just using it as a quick check to see if my aquarium heater is still working properly, so as long as my aquarium temperature does not go too high or to low I know everything is ok.
  • Cheap and does the work

    posted by kamuzu

    *Cheap*Build quality seems fine*Arrives with plastic cover protector*you can remove the red part of the plastic cover protector to attach the thermometer to the pot while coocking, so no need to hold it by hand.*the head turns arround, so you can point it to what direction you need.*self off after 15 minutes of no usge to save battery.
    I have used it to make home yogurt.had to heat the milk to 80c and than cool it down to 40c.i removed the red holder from the plastice cover protector and attached it to the side of the pot while stirring.the thermometer did not touch the metat, so i think the measure was correct.its a bit slow in measuring, but the red holder make it a hassle free.i'm not if it can survive water damage, so i guess you can clean it with paper.
    it worth the money in my opinion.

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