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thermometer meter Customers Reviews

  • good deal

    posted by huseyiny

    it is big size 13 cm in diameter. Have a place to hang out. You can watch from a distance. accurately displays temperature and humidity. Mechanical, not a battery that is good. Measuring the temperature and humidity in houses, offices, workshops, schools, martkets, etc.
    I recommend to buy.
    I will test.
  • Very good for room temperature and humidity measurement.

    posted by 444ndr333w

    Same accuracy sensors (thermo, as well as hygro), as my more expensive Hama EWS 380 weather station (readings is almost fully equal in same place).Very nice, easily readable display with large symbols.Can be placed on wall or table.
    If you need a barometer, just buy another thing (which will cost more, of course).
    Fits perfectly if you need just room thermo/hygro meter. Great gadget for its price.
  • good deal.

    posted by ziroDX

    - clear display.
    - large easily readable digits.
    - automatically displays indoor & outdoor temperature alternately in 5 seconds (without clicking buttons).
    - elegant design.
    - it seems included battery last long time.
    Dont be confused, display works well, only this picture is bad :)
    I bought both, previous model HTC-1 and this one. HTC-2 has biger clock digits and can measure humidity below 30 percent.
    I'm very pleased with this product. I recommend it!
  • Excellent product

    posted by Sergei

    Pretty cheap
    Well built
    Has accurate thermometer
    Has accurate hydrometer
    Has a clock function
    Has a calendar function
    Has an alarm and hourly chime
    Very easy to use, didn't even need to look at the manual.
    1 AAA battery included, can be used straight out of the box.
    Very large, easy to read LCD display
    Shows time, temperature and humidity at the same time.
    Keeps track of highest and lowest temperature and humidity.
    The only missing feature I would find useful is the backlit LCD display.
    I bought two and they were showing pretty much the same readings when placed next to each other +- 1C and 1%, good enough for me.
    Well worth the price.
  • Purchased 4- all good

    posted by AlexBarker49

    I purchased 3, and then ordered a 4th. All 3 in the same room at the same time show the same remperature and humidity. And this is verified against my thermostat. I put one in each bedroom to make sure my furnace disctibutes heat around house properly. And for kids comfort.I origionally purchased a similar model from Walmart for triple the price and it always showed inaccuate results.
    Very reasonably priced product. And produces accurate restults. 4/4 times.
    I would recommend this product

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