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These cool thermometer laser laser are high quality and at affordable prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Your support is our greatest motivation.

thermometer laser laser Customers Reviews

  • Very Good Infrared Laser Thermometer

    posted by WalterSJunior

    Very fast delivery. Well packaged, no damage to the item. It seems robust. Very easy to use, no difficulty. Fast temperature reading, accurated. Good price. Comes with 9v battery. Its 1.2 inch screen size turns reading much easier.
    I used this infrared reader to check may refrigerator´s temperature. I used also to read my body´s temperature. I am very happy with this good quality product. I certainly recommend this infrared reader.
    Product sent as described, no trouble.I love to buy at DealExtreme.
  • Very good kitchen tool

    posted by borenibai

    Very useful -
    - fast
    - precise within the specs on the box (compared to a calibrated thermometer)
    - spot, min, max, average functions are very handy
    - good build
    - laser pointer
    Very useful tool for the kitchen, ideal for surface temperature measurements.
    Probably the best in terms of cost/performance from the bunch on DX at the time of purchase. Good reference to compare other models to.
  • Good buy

    posted by Allmaker

    Build quality is good, handle is soft. You have good grip even if hand`s are dirty. The screen is easy to read allmost in any positions. Accurate mesurment`s.
    The battery is easy to install, and it doesn`t fall of when you flip the thing up side down.
    Good thing is that you can shut off and on the laser, where you need it. And when you release the shwits it holds the temperature in screen for a good time.
    Auto shift off.
    Very good buy. Works well and easy to use. The screen back light is Blue so easy to read in dark places. Laser pointer works good and quite accurate.
  • Oh my what a gadget :)

    posted by evincar

    I haven't tested is against a good thermometer, but when I'm measuring my pizza stone on my barbecue, I don't care if it is accurate to a degree. It provides a steady reading so that I know when it has reached the right temperature. It is a hit with every guy that I show it to, the red light doesn't do anything with the measuring, it only shows you where you are pointing (and for playing with the cat).
    One of the few that goes to high enough temperatures for my barbecue.
    Good product!
  • iR temp meter

    posted by micsu76

    easy to use, battery last very long time, also auto off works fine, it also measure pretty good to 5m.
    i use this measuring air warmpump out put, i don´t know how i do my job without it.
    very easy to use and i also compere this meter to another which was 200€ and i got only max 2´c deviation, if you need, buy it! i´ve buy now three of these, to garage and job and one for spare.price is so great! big thanks to DX.

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