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  • didn't test yet because of winter but seems good

    posted by SuperPoulpy

    solid and robust device, this fork is fun and you can show off with your friends and familyevery types of meat is saved in the memory (temperature) so this is really easy to use it °C and °F easily switchable in the battery compartment
    impatient for the next BBQ to test the fork i tried with meat cooked in the stove and it seems ok
    i recomand it because it's easy to use, it's fun and it's cheap (and it works!!!)(and it will be much better with the next BBQ) :-)
  • Electrician

    posted by zimmo

    It looks good. Stylish silvery plastic covers. Easy (Shove in the batteries and you're good) installation. Slighlty slow on temperature changes. It took over an hour to view something sensible when I put it sensor in the freezer.
    All in all. Good product. I wonder if I could use several of these simultaneously? Little instruction paper says something like three in the same area, but who knows?
    No more drilling holes for sensors. Makes life easier.
  • Shinning Alarm clock

    posted by lobo26

    Is very shinning and good item.
    The buttons on the clock are from left to right. 1.Mode Button. This button will be used to cycle the clocks functions. [1. Time 2. Temperature 3. Year. 4. Month (The M looks like an H) 5. Day (D) 6.Alarm 1 7. Alarm 2 8. Alarm 3 9. Birthday celebration 10. Countdown Clock/Stopwatch.] 2. Set Button. This button will be used to set all times and date functions in combination with the up and down buttons. When you want to change a time or date, Hold down the Set Button for about three seconds and do the adjustments with the up and down buttons. 3/4. Up and Down Buttons. These buttons will be used to change the dates and times. This will be done by clicking on the desired up/down function of the change you want to make for the function. The Slide control is used for turning the time display "backlight" function off /on.
    I hope this information help you with operation of your HighStar Clock.
  • Very nice! I satisfied of this product for 100%

    posted by johnymeinn

    - the thermometer is very accurate (I was compare with other electronic and alcohol thermometers)- I can't check the precision of humidity measurement, but it seems is correct (any way ±2% is okay)
    great thing to monitor the moisture and temperature conditions in the child room for comfort sleeping and playing.
    I would recommend this product to my friends and will buy it as a gift in future!
  • Do the job

    posted by lordedy

    1 - Very Usefull.2 - It is a cheap product.3 - It is the only one that has alarm function, models alike.4 - Just spend one AAA battery.
    It would be interesting, in a product that does so many measurements, a possibility also to measure atmospheric pressure
    It's a great product with excellent cost benefit.I had to judge if your measurements are accurate.

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