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You can buy cheap thermal silicone from us. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

thermal silicone Customers Reviews

  • So big tube of thermal glue!!!

    posted by reloader

    1. A lot of thermal glue!!!. It will be enough for 5 years or more!!
    2. Tube is good quality.
    3. Nozzle included (i never used it)
    4. Easy to put on surface. it's just like a regular thermal compound.
    5. Very useful where you don't have clip to fit heatsink.
    Now i don;t need to go to the local store to buy small tubes of thermal glue. Now i have big one. And that is enough for a lot of projects.
    Good thermal glue for electronic components. I'm making a lot of electronic projects so using it very often. Yes performance not excellent but it's enough for any elektronic devices except computer cpu and gpu.
  • 800 square centimeter pieces for $10

    posted by MiroslavCvejic

    Both sides are protected with plastic foil so no worries about keeping clean surfaces of the pads.
    Easy to cut with scissors or scalpel.
    Excellent for replacing old and deformed thermal pads when cleaning coolers of laptops, gaming consoles, graphics cards etc.
    If your handy with scalpel you can get perfect 8-10mm wide strips which can be cut in small square pieces with cutting pliers. When you get the desired shape and size, peel off protective plastic layer and apply on previously cleaned surface.
    Excellent value! Depending of the desired size, you can cover more than 1600 BGA chips with just one thermal pad. A must have item if your in laptop repair/service business.
  • Good thermal pad for your notebook

    posted by maniac2003

    I needed the thermal pad for my notebook. The old thermal pads needed replacement.After cleaning the CPU/GPU+mem and Chipset I applied the thermal pad to the GPU+mem and the Chipset (as originally done by the manufacturer).I cut the thermal pad with a hobby knife, which worked well.The temperature is low as it should be. This pad looks the same as some notebook manufacturers use.
    Maybe DX could offer some more thicknesses.
    Good thermal pad which is fine for replacing old thermal pads on notebooks.
  • Works perfectly

    posted by Steamroller83

    Its cheap and it works very well. Used it on VRM cooling, the heatsink was quite hot, which means the thermalpad is doing its job! Very soft and easy to cut out!
    Great vale for the price! Its the cheapest solution for cooling GPU memory, VRM, HDDs and many other things.
    If u need it, buy it!
  • Advisable. Recomendable

    posted by Xafle

    Thermal paste is quite useful for small pieces that do not need much dissipation and is pretty much at a reduced price.Es una pasta térmica bastante útil para pequeñas piezas que no necesiten mucha disipación y viene bastante cantidad por un precio reducido
    worth buying this thermal paste is always useful to have a boat for small jobs.vale la pena comprar esta pasta térmica siempre es útil tener un bote para trabajos pequeños
    For a cpu works without much problem but if your CPU is very hot looking another thermal pastePara un cpu funciona sin mucho problema pero si tu cpu es muy caliente busca otra pasta termica

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