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tft touch screen Customers Reviews

  • Good quality, easy to use

    posted by kcouckuyt

    Very impressive image quality, good readability, easy to connect to arduino using the LCD mega shield you can by here also. Use the UTFT library and just change the screen type to 'TFT01_32', and it will work! The touchscreen also works very well, you don't have to push it very hard, a light touch is sufficient.
    If you're looking for a larger screen for your diy projects, this is the one to get! You do have to use an arduino Mega to be able to use the screen, the touchscreen and SD-card reader at the same time
    Very good buy
  • One of the best deal on DealExtreme!

    posted by psyko_chewbacca

    -Good large screen. Pixel ratio is good. I image quality is good!-Very easy to operate, touch buttons are snappy:)-2 input sources-Decent amount of options in the configuration menu-Multiple language-Remote-Can be removed to help prevent car theft.-Reflects enough to use it as your main mirror when not in use.
    I bought this screen some time ago and since the day I received it I left it in my car. Where I live, it's winter and temps can get as low as -20 Celsius. The screen is working fine even at those temps!I bought this to connect it to my Xbox running XBMC. I listen to movies and play games with it. Image quality is good. Just make sure you install a filter on the power line. At first I got interference in my image because of it.I am really impressed with the quality of this device! I did not think it would survive the cold. As of now it is still working great.
    I bought this screen without the bluetooth option because I don't drive with it. I only install it while I am parked. The bluetooth option seemed not necessary. The remote is also of no use for me. I used it only to set my config menu options.I like this solution for a LCD in a car because I can remove the screen without alot of effort. The only downside is that a little bit of dust managed to get between the plastic screen and the LCD screen.Thanks DealExtreme for this device!
  • Great vaue for money

    posted by ninkasi

    Very inexpensive, even if it's just used as an eBook reader or wifi enabled photo frame - streaming photos from the likes of flikr. At this price point, the potential for other uses - such as for home automation control etc - is huge.
    A little heavier than I thought it would be, but still quite portable. Slipped into my rear jean pocket without an issue. Screen resolution seems a little "fuzzy", but haven't had the unit for long so possibly this can be tweaked. Came with an iPhone type charge cable that seems fairly dodgey, but alternatives are easily available. If it's charging via the usb port, it's doing it *very* slowly. This might mean charging via an external portable battery might not be feasible.
    This is an initial early review - the unit just arrived this afternoon. Overall so far I'd have to say this shows great potential and amazing value for money. I've bought it as an e-reader at night (so a kindle device that needs a separate light source is not ideal), as well as potentially a wifi enabled photo frame. This can do so much more - a definite recommendation if you are willing to accept the shortcomings such as resistive screen, short battery life, possible fragility.
  • good GPS

    posted by gorandi

    Big nice screen , fast boot ,good gps signal reception. Installed igo Primo and Igo Myway on it ,still didn't decide which one will keep ;)It has 3.6 GB free flash memory .Igo start bit faster from internal flash then memory card.Battery last maybe even longer then 2h. It can play mp3 in background. Can play videos but don't expect to much.USB connection work as mass storage or MS activesync
    Maybe I should go for 4.3" ITS HUGE
    I'm happy with this GPS. Maybe the CPU could be bit faster for 800x480 resolution .I can recommend this unit ,great value for this price range .
  • Great video mp3 player!

    posted by MichelleC21

    Great price for what you get. I needed something for videos and ebooks for my little sister. It plays .avi,.mpg...all you need perfectly even videos with subtitles (.srt) . It reads just .txt but you can always convert other types... It has some games, clock...
    As present went to EU, i needed a plug because it comes with 2 flat pins...
    I would just recommend this product, i bought two of them and i`m glad i have done it. It was such a great present.


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