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tft 2.4 Customers Reviews

  • Good player, simple, chinese remote

    posted by mrPeetCZ

    Price,Work with a lot of formatsworking with 3,5 HDD connected via USBFluently play full HD videos
    Will work fine for simple home use. Wery good as MP3 and FM player. Video on external output must be switched in menu, and can not be controlled using external AV out.
    For that price its good. Biggest disadvantage is chinese remote, not the same as on the picture, but same as in SKU: 198962.
  • Excellent cell

    posted by Felipe1980

    3G mobile phone with a low price. great sound for the songs.headphones and cables includedAutonomia da bateria (muito boa tanto em uso normal como ouvindo música ou em chamada)- Player (Walkman v3)
    For those who do not need a smartphone is an optimal choiceIts a refurbished phone with a great quality and detail, it looks like brand new.
    I was upset for not has the Portuguese language as the cell, although it has said in the summary.
  • Good for the price

    posted by RaphaBR

    - Small and light - my hand fits gently into it
    - Haven't counted the framerate, but recording with a tripod makes a smooth and fluid video
    - Rotating screen
    - Nylon strap is extremely convenient
    - Appealing colour
    - Just a few sturdy buttons, so if you have big fingers like me you don't have to worry about pressing two or more by mistake
    - Nokia battery, easy to replace if necessary
    - Menus are easy to use and have a lot of features
    - Can be charged via USB
    I bought it along with a tripod and a 4GB memory card. Together, the three items are the solution for my home video needs.
    I bought this camera to record a few home videos and put them into Youtube. Good for my purposes.
    Don't expect advanced or even semipro quality. If you have the cash, go for a better device.
  • Good device

    posted by MikhMikhaylovsk

    Easy to use, smal dimensions, stylish design, multilingual ??menu, Full HD Camera, HDMI-port(I always use when I want to watch on TV), G-sensor - it is very important. Comfortable fit. Very good movie in any weather and any speed. Convenient arrangement of buttons and compact screen.
    I use this device in my volkswagen passat b5.
    It's a great thing for the money. My auto mechanic said it was a very good device. He wanted to se the same! I use this device about one month and i have not problems! It is good!!!
  • Very good buy

    posted by fastdraw

    Very light and easy to use. Gives you several angles of view and has a great focal depth. Only takes 4 AA batteries and as of this time I can't say how long they last but I am extremely happy with this endoscope.
    Excellent that it comes with a hard case as well as assorted attachments to add functionality. Anything greater than 30mm away is very clear up to and including the ceiling of the workshop.
    I am using this in a auto panelbeating business and this endoscope is awesome for getting in to small places to check for any rust in out of sight places also good for checking those same places once the repair has been done as you can easily see the weld penetration.
    Given the price I would really recommend this endoscope for anyone that has to look into tight areas.

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