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tf slot Customers Reviews

  • a very good product

    posted by megamanexe

    supports TF card up to 8GBsmallvariety of colors and desingsvery cheap fast time charging smooth finish and high relief are not only following the completion
    a very cute product from DXthe clip at the back is so usefull, all the details are very clean
    I like the mirror front, NICE. Believe me when i says " it is a nice gift". It is so small and cute that is like a accessory of your clothes
  • could be a little cheaper

    posted by dejanjana

    easy to use, easy to charge, good sound for that price, It's easy to use,ideal for sports, running, jogging, riding with the bicyble, horse, driving, etc.
    Very good sound, really enjoyed it, great to entertain, to take to the gym, or on any route that is go running or walking, I recommend to everyone! lightweight mp3 player - very good for a cooper session on the streets... nothing hanging or droping out of the pocket
    good choice for the money
  • Nice DVR

    posted by gneijsel

    Nice DVR, well built, easy to use.Good picture quality! High resolution (900x350?). I could even read the subtitles with my HD media player attached as video source.It charges via USB, but it even comes with an external charger (110-240V). It's not suitable for european wall outlets (it has flat pins), but if you have an adapter from another charger like i did, it works.Didn't test the battery yet, so i don't know if it will last for serveral hours.
    If you want to order an extra battery with it, use SKU06302. I've tested it. It fits, it works.I use it as an external display for an underwater video housing. It would be nice if the software would allow to switch off the date/time in the upper right corner.
    Good price/quality balance
  • Cheapest electronic I've ever bought

    posted by oscarscheepstra

    CHEAPSmallLooks pretty okComes with cable and earphonesComes on a nice plastic case that can be used againDid I say CHEAP?
    They could use some glue on it. But well, it is so cheap that I really didnt care about it. I will use it on university to make a prototype play some sounds, so that is more than enough.The packaging imitates the iPod, and the headphones try to do that as well...
    If you need a cheap mp3 player for a project. buy this.

    posted by djbreau

    This little speaker is a real powerhouse! Puts out amazing sound and so eay to charge and use. Comes with a mini-SD card slot. The SD card locks securely into place with a gentle touch and another push releases it. Simple to use and easy to follow instructions. Also squishes down and locks with a simple twist making it an even more compact design!
    Perhaps instead of an SD slot, a USB drive slot might have been a diferent idea.
    This is a great speaker for all ages and can be used with a multitude of devices, wonderful quality and great compact design. Great for a gift or just to toss in the bag for anywhere on the go sound! Also the design adds a touch of whimsy.

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