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tf card reader Customers Reviews

  • I like this card reader!

    posted by Ramdag

    No compatibility problems on any of my machines (Android, Linux, Windows in various versions...). Other card readers had them, this had no issues whatsoever.It is about as fast as you'd expect it to be with the given cards. This also has to be mentioned, since some other readers are not.Looks wise, the metal casing and paint looks pretty nice. I also like the woven cord. The rest is plastic, but it is built quite nicely. I had none of the internal slots break yet, nor did any of the exterior parts break or fall off or otherwise fail.
    No spring loading / unloading of slots, it's apparently all done with friction. It's one less thing that can break, I guess, but it doesn't feel quite as nice.
    Certainly a recommended buy overall!Consider buying the rectangular variant (SKU 128961) if you don't need the cord or rounded look, it'll be less likely to block USB ports located on top of each other.
  • Ideal for the camera bag

    posted by TinyTurtle

    Card readers are a dime a dozen, but this one is a bit of a favorite of mine - I just bought two more!Consider the size. This one is small enough to store in one of those memory card pockets in my camera bags. Often when I need to transfer images to a PC which isn't my own it lacks a built-in SD card reader and for those occasions it's so nice to be able to reach into my bag and produce one of these. Since they don't cost anything really I can have one in each bag.Also, the description is incorrect. Mine readily accepts 32GB SDHC cards som the "16GB max" is plain wrong.Since I don't use CompactFlash cards or MemorySticks it's better to have this smaller unit instead of a reader which takes multiple formats.The transfer speeds are fineIt handles regular SD cards as well as SDHCThere's a second slot on the side for microSD (aka TransFlash) cards.The cap over the USB connector is reasonably secure.There's a loop for a lanyardThe plastic feels durable
    I've had a couple of SKU #59219 card readers (also from "Siyoteam") and those have literally fallen apart and more importantly - Two PCs of mine have had problem identifying the #59219 reader when inserted, but this #125502 one works just fine on the same machine.
    For the price it's a steal and if your camera uses SD cards (few doesn't these days) I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to have one of these in their camera bag.
  • Cheap, reliable, fast reader

    posted by fran82

    Aceptable quality for the money - It works at USB 2.0 Full Speed! - It is veery fast transferring data - It works with ALL card format I tested - It accepts the most common card formats except Compact Flash - It has a very compact size, but could be smaller - It arrives in well packed in a cardboard style package - It feels strong and well built
    It has a red led inside to show when is transferring data
    A cheap multi-format multi-size card reader 100% Recomended - Buy it!
  • Good plastic microSDHC card reader for good money

    posted by daymoon

    Very good priceCover for USB plug part - not common thingMetal USB connector - not common thingNice colorTransparent cover
    Orange color is a little bit too bright and toy looking but I am not too sensitive :-)I have to idea, it is good. Period.
    Fully functional microSDHC card reader including linux.
  • I'm very satisfied

    posted by Eserdio

    The product works perfectly as promised.It is well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I tested the memory on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and it worked perfectly.The transfer speed is the promised (Class 10) and was very easy to insert. It is also true that the product is worth the price paid for it. This memory allows me to record HD video with my phone all that I need
    It could perfectly follow the shipment
    I'm very satisfied

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