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tf camera Customers Reviews

  • Once I found English, a great tablet

    posted by gossg

    Thinner and better battery life than my previous Android pads.
    The stupid brand name doesn't show anywhere on the front and it doesn't leave the case, so that's not a problem. I would have liked GPS and Bluetooth, but I don't know if any tablets have those near this price level.A year ago, I paid $140 for a 7 inch tablet with an hour battery life. In August I paid $95 for a tablet with 90 minutes life. In November I paid $70 for a tablet with just under two hours life that's half the thickness of that first one. Progress is astonishing in this market.
    Android small tablet is a pretty generic commodity. This is a good one.
  • A good cheap camera that does it job.

    posted by 240Z

    Nice little camera that has the size as it's main advantage, compared to the GoPro my friend used. Hooked it up on my helmet when skiing, red laser is great to get an idea of where to aim.
    Sound quality hasn't been tested since all my activities has involved some kind of water so it had to be shielded. Main reason I bought it was to put it on my daughters dinghy but that hasn't been tested yet.
    If your budget is restricted I recomend this camera. Small and handy and films with decent quality.
  • Really small camcorder

    posted by ant2000

    * Very small and light weight.* Relatively good picture quality, if held still.* Different brackets for mounting the camera.* Nice glossy finish.* Silicon cover included.
    I will try to mount the camera on my r/c-car, should be intresting. Not sure wether it will work fine or not, but for 20$ It´s worth a try.
    Very good value for the money.So small, so cool... :)
  • Very Pleased

    posted by raspberryr

    I have an android touch phone and it's very similar in layout to it (samsung galaxy S3). It doesn't look cheap at all, I'm so pleased, absolute bargain for the £35 I paid! The screen is clear and bright, the sound is nice, touch screen is sensitive but not overly so. The camera is much better than what I was expecting but it's not amazing.
    My sister got the Hudl for Christmas and it's so like it it's unreal. It came with the language set in chinese but I googled how to change it and it was very simple. I bought this for my 2 year old daughter so she would stop using my phone to play with, this is far more than what a 2 year old needs, I want to keep it for myself!It runs android so there are plenty of games for free and loads of fun apps. I would advise getting a silicone case as I think it could crack if dropped.
    So pleased with this bargain buy! I absolutely recommend it for the price it's offered at.
  • Nice thing. Buy it to take sudden pictures and video

    posted by Slavas0ld

    Bought it last year. It came with broken battery. DX changed it quickly. Thanks. The next one working good. 4:3 resolution of video and pictures with normal quality. People think it's a toy and don't pay attention on it. The quality similar to car dvr. Long life battery.
    It came with good metal protective case, cables and additional things. Very usefull things.
    Buy it. I ordered a few to my friends. They like it too.

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