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test clips Customers Reviews

  • It's true 4-wire Kelvin test probe.

    posted by scaldov

    It's true 4-wire Kelvin test probe. Two wires incomes into a clip. First one connects straight to upper lip and the second one turns around knuckle (seen on photo) and connects to lower lip.There is a good article about Kelvin test probes http://www.cirris.com/testing/resistance/fourwire.html
    None. It would be better if lips were made of copper.
    Good for RLC-meter.
  • Great for that price

    posted by nagyra

    - very good price- contains a lot of clip- the quality is good enough
    For that price and quantity you shouldn't expect so much from it. Contains 20 pieces so you can give some for your friends too.
    - not a really cons, but all the clips is black. It can be sell with 10 piece black and 10 piece red for the better recognizing when you use more clips.
  • Amazing quality

    posted by zverdiman

    Amazing qualitySoft cablelong cable
    As a whole very much it was pleasant. Cable soft that is very pleasant. It has length of a cable comparable with standard Multimeter Test Leads. The crocodile is accurately fixed.
    Must haveIf there will be any problems them easily to solve!
  • psusnjar

    posted by psusnjar

    Very good price - good quality.Great way for testing electronic parts, much easier than crocodile clips and better because it is isolated - much safer.Good spring, will hold whatever you hook it.Great hooks for testing purposes, a lot of measurements on a lot of small delicate things.Very usefull to make cables to fit in multimeters or another measurement equipement in my case or any other stuff you need id for.
    Could be sold in pack of 10 red with 10 some other or even random color.
    Lots of them for a great price.
  • Wiring very useful

    posted by JuanAlv

    Impeccable impingement of grills of semiconductors and others. It allows a fast connection and disconnection of the different parts that make up the interconnection of different assemblies of microprocessors and elements next. Length to not have an excess of cable on the table and yet connect with comfort without short cable.
    Good price-quality connections.
    You can perform michas combinations of connections with these ten elements of connection.

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