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terminal block connectors Customers Reviews

  • High quality PCB connectors!

    posted by unipo

    Very good quality terminal connectors, ideal for quickly removable connections on boards. In my city, a retail purchase of 20 pieces of these connectors would cost me at least twice.Support up to 10A at 300V, and can accommodate wires ranging from 12 to 24 AWG.It have the "RU" Recognized Component Mark, a quality mark issued by Underwriters Laboratories.
    One of the best buys for those who use these components.
    Productor: KEFAModel: KF2EDGKMark: CE (real?), RU
  • Good price, Good quality

    posted by art104

    Price and Convenience.I was previously using non-removable screw terminals from a well known UK electronics supplier. These ones are 5x cheaper and 10x more convenient. Being able to wire the terminals then plug into the board is so much easier.
    I haven't pushed the current limit on these. Only 500mA or so. Having said that, the contacts look robust and I would expect the 10A rating to be valid.
    I'm on my 3rd bag of these now. No failures, no QA issues, just a well priced solid connector.
  • Good stuff

    posted by fnurkla

    It is a simple object with only one function. It does perfectly what it's supposed to do. The materials look durable, not expensive, good built quality and lightweight. No bent pins or so...
    It is shipped in a zip lock bag, not much to add actually.
    Buy this parts, it is really a good deal for the money.You get good quality, and there is no suprises.
  • Great little things

    posted by fouadatmeh

    - They have a firm connection between the male and the female- Were able to withstand soldering wires to the male pins and didn't melt (It was a quick job- It has screw terminals for easy connection- Screw terminals have a firm grip when tightened
    I have bought these (plus SKU 215797) to be able to use old laptop Li-Ion batteries for normal devices to replace their worn out batteries (flashlights.. etc), and I needed a special connector for the charger, where those came in very handy.
    Great product.
  • Always comes in handy!

    posted by ProDigit

    Never know when you'll need a terminal block for putting 2 wires together!Many in one pack!Easy build,affordable, ok quality for small hobby projects or radio/television wiring.You can link them together!
    Just good! Wish they where in black though.Screws are tiny!Meant to be used on a printing board, but can be used to bring together 2 wires!
    Buy! Excellent for the electrical hobbyist;

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