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tempered glass screen protector

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tempered glass screen protector Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by helman

    Easy to apply without getting bubbles as is the case with the plastic ones.Nice clear imagesDoes not affect the usage of the touch screen at all.Does not attract dustScratch resistant
    I think this is a worthwhile purchaseNot sure that I would want to hit the phone with a hammer to test it out. I reckon that those sort of pictures are just advertising rubbish.
    better than the plastic ones
  • Great product

    posted by brunotakBR

    Awesome to touch, really scratch resistant and it doesn't feel like cheap. It`s easy to apply on screen and came with a sachet of isopropilic alcohol and a piece of microfiber to help clean the screen before apply it.
    it came in a good package, manual in english, a piece of microfiber to clean the screen before apply it and a sachet of isopropilic alcohol.
    its a great product.
  • Saved my iPhone

    posted by eucalyptus1

    This tempered glass saved my iPhone. I dropped it today and that's why i'm online now. I picked up my phone when I dropped it. Turned it around slowly, holding my breath... Scratches and cracks all over the damn place. But then i realised i had my protector on and i removed it slowly, finding my actual screen untouched. I love this stuff, ordering a new one immediately.
    Best price/quality value on the web. If you find any place else where you can buy a complete package with a WORKING protector, please let me know because i believe this is unique.
  • Tempered screen saver

    posted by PorkyD

    I bought this for my P6 Ascend as I was fed up trying to fit the flexible type screen covers, and trying not to make it look like the surface of the moon with air bubbles ....... this cover could be fitted using your feet !!! It was a pleasure to work withI started at the top corner, holding it just above the screen, made sure it was lined up long ways with the phone and gently set it down at the top corner first. I then used my thumb to put a little pressure on this area and slowly set the protector onto the screen itselfTo be honest that was the end of the work because as it settled onto the screen you could watch it expel the air and adhere to the screen itself ......... completely flawless, no bubbles, no dust and above all no hassle The edges of the protector are rounded which gives it an expensive look and feel which is very pleasing to the eye
    It might just be me but the screen seems to be a little more sensitive after fitting this. It might be because the toughened glass feels so very slippery and shiny that you hardly have to touch it compared with the other type of screen savers made out of plastic
    I will never buy another flexible screen saver again. Yes it is a little more expensive, but in this case ''you do get what you pay for''I will be ordering up another one for my wife's phone as she said she loves the look of it on my phone
  • LOVE IT!!!!! S2

    posted by ambcunha

    This screen protector is the BEST I have ever seen or used! Because its material, when the phone hits the floor, your phone is A HUNDRED PERCENT protected! The only thing that breaks with impact is the own screen protector!!I found it very very easy to put in my iPhone
    there are no other thoughts
    Recommend for who does not bother to have a mobile with a thicker screen protector, BUT much more safety from breaking or scratching screen!

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