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temperature resistance Customers Reviews

  • Lower class mat

    posted by Ajdam10

    It sticks as expected.When sticked holds the gadget very well.
    It is worth the money.Absolutely enough for basic everyday user.I guess it will last for about 1-2 months.I would order multiple mats and then see which lasts longer.
    It is no super advanced technology, you cannot expect loads.The bottom stickiness is worse than the one on the top.I sticked it to a bended surface and it doesn't really perform that good so far, but flat should be good.
  • My best purchase on DX

    posted by Tommytheboy

    - Very cheap!- Accurate! Tested it with my fathers industrial-grade multimeter and it got the same readings on most things down to the last digit- The stock battery that came with it still works after 2 years of light use- Easy to use- Easy to open/fix- Works beyond design parameters (already had 16 amps through the unfused line several times for several seconds even though it is rated for 10 amps)- Sturdy (I dropped it several times already and it still works)
    I have been regularly buying from DX for at least 4 years and I can safely say this is one of the best purchases I have made when comparing the price to quality and usefulness. I actually bought the product 2 years ago but since I am so pleased with it, I wanted to suggest it to other people. I have never had any problems with it, except on one occasion, when I forgot to switch the leads from mAmps to voltage before measuring a laptop charger, which resulted in a blown fuse. As stated in the pros, it is easy to fix so I just changed the fuse and the current measurement works again :)
    If you work with electronics of any sort and need a cheap but reliable multimeter, I would strongly suggest this one.
  • Love this

    posted by rugvlad

    This is my first digital multimeter, and my first multimeter for that matter, and I'm loving it. It's big, I like that, It's somewhat heavy, I like that to, and looks really nice. Comes with a good pair of test leads but I bought separatly another pair, just to be certain.It's not written there but this multimeter measures capacitance as well, and goes to 2000 uf. Measures nf as well.
    -comes with english manual;
    I liked it, it's cheap and great for this money. Yeah, I know, the backlight, but...for this money. I bought this insteed of minipa found on DX because of the transistor hfe test.
  • Perfect price, product & others

    posted by maria2612

    All I needed for a good product, here it's, despite not showing on product specifications, it measures alternating current (400µA until 20A), and all other commented to, temperature had not seen, i only noticed when it arrived, Delivery time counting from the payment until the day that i received was, 27 days, didn't take long to receive, I accessed the informations of Hong Kong post, by the processes that my object has been passed to arrive, and the most amazing thing I have to report, is the comparison of prices for the same product here in Brazil, the cheapest I found here before making buying on Deal Extreme was R$ 254.90 (U.S.$ 130.97), 405% more Oo on Deal Extreme I've paid R$ 50.40 (U.S.$ 25.85), amazing.
    That's my first purchase and will not be the last, as soon as i bought the VC97, i've bought another objects immediately, and the only bad is that, over U.S.$ 50, i've to pay giants taxes here in Brazil, the next product that i pretend to purchase is the MK809 II for U.S. $ 48.99 +/- R$ 95,00.
    That's All i've to say.Thanks for opportunity Deal Extreme.
  • Satisfied

    posted by Schiavon

    Great quality, tips, cables and case very good, the battery worked perfectly, it is an indispensable tool for any professional in the field of electrical and electronics.
    Besides others, measures capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and temperature, all with auto range, could also measure, inductance and transistor gain, but I bought aware of this.
    It is a tool for both hobbyist and professionals in electronics, with cost-effective, comes with manual in Chinese and English, you can buy without fear, because it works very well and has great quality. In Brazil it is equivalent to ET-2075b and it costs around U.S. $ 75.00.

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