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  • Handy gadget for the experimenter

    posted by HenryJ

    Inexpensive.Handy for the experimenter as it plugs into a breadboard easily (not that a three pin device isn't easy to plug into a breadboard but having the device mounted to the pcb helps protect it and make it less vulnerable to handling damage.
    Good for any arduino experimenter.
    A good price for an experimenters gadget.
  • Nice digital clock

    posted by tacalin

    Nice clock for the purpose I've purchase. I just replace my cable PVR and lost the clock on display and this little one do the job for me.No bulky case needed since the board is the same size as the display.
    The display it's a little bit too bright with 5V for a semi dark room. I'll try later today with 3V and see how is looking. The temperature looks to be accurate but since my unit it's stick on top of a media player I'm not using this feature because the display temp is few degrees higher than the room temp.
    Happy for now.
  • A good replacement real time clock module for the DS1307

    posted by Darkblade48

    An excellent real time clock (RTC) that uses the Maxim DS3231 chip. It comes with temperature sensor so that any drifts in the RTC are corrected for. This is in contrast to the standard Maxim DS1307 that is more commonly used. The temperature correction in time drift is useful for projects where abnormally high/low temperature conditions are present and/or where accurate time is of utmost importance.The price is pretty good too; the DS1307 is usually around 2.50 USD, so for a few dollars more, you can have a much more accurate RTC.
    The RTC was not shipped in an antistatic bag, but was shipped in a normal plastic ziplock bag. A little worrying, since a little bit of ESD would probably have ruined the breakout board. Luckily, it seems to work just fine.There is no special library for the DS3231 chip; any library that works with the DS1307 will work with the DS3231 as well, so that is nice.
    A great RTC to get, for a good price. The price here on DX is much cheaper than if you were to buy it elsewhere. The permanently soldered battery is a bit of an annoyance, but can be remedied easily.
  • easy and fast to setup and use

    posted by andrjoha

    The biggest "pro" for this product that it has a onboard pul-up resistor. If you connect it to a Arduino or a Raspberry Pi there is no nead to use a seperate resistor between Vcc and signal. You can directly plug it to the board. There are alot of exampel codes writen on how to use this produkt and finnished programs you can call from your script/program.
    It would be even a better produkt if it hade some kinde of back cower for the circuiteboard. I will solder a cable direktly to the circuitboard and fasten it to a wall.
    Great product, a bit pricey. I needed a censor that could mesure bout negative and positive temperature. If you whant to log room temperature the DHT11 is cheaper.
  • Works but ins't LM35 A !!!

    posted by barrical

    easy to use welded on this board with terminals,very well packaged, very well presented,
    good product and ease to use, just conect, GNG, VCC and the output analogy have available, I had to connect a resistror 10kilohoms the output to function properly.I wish could find more model available for purchase. The encapsulating metallic of lm35 on TO-46 more expensive but much more useful, more accurate and more temperature range, and faster than lm 35d on plastic encapsulating
    good single sensor of temp.


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