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temperature humidity sensor

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temperature humidity sensor Customers Reviews

  • easy and fast to setup and use

    posted by andrjoha

    The biggest "pro" for this product that it has a onboard pul-up resistor. If you connect it to a Arduino or a Raspberry Pi there is no nead to use a seperate resistor between Vcc and signal. You can directly plug it to the board. There are alot of exampel codes writen on how to use this produkt and finnished programs you can call from your script/program.
    It would be even a better produkt if it hade some kinde of back cower for the circuiteboard. I will solder a cable direktly to the circuitboard and fasten it to a wall.
    Great product, a bit pricey. I needed a censor that could mesure bout negative and positive temperature. If you whant to log room temperature the DHT11 is cheaper.
  • Wire colors for the sensor

    posted by georgeangelopou

    Cheap dual (humidity-temperature) sensor. Thiw item can be functional as a humidity temperature sensor in grain storage rooms where both values are critical for conservation.
    I was a little worried because i could not find info on the web of the sensor. I bought one to check if i can use it. The plasic dismantled easily revealing the wire connections.HUMIDITY SENSOR : Blue and Green wireTEMPERATURE SENSOR: Brown and White wireNo polarity seems to apply. i will connect it with 1.5V and measure the voltage drop in variouw conditions. Hope it is usefull info
    I will buy more sensors as long as i find how to read the values. Though i just wanted to be helpful to other buyers i had to enhance my review in order to have it in order.
  • Good sensor, very accurate

    posted by ErKabi

    More accurate than the little brother DHT11. If you are interested in 0.5 degrees, this is your sensor. Works well with the arduino's DHT library (there is a library for the DHT11, another for the DHT22 and a library for both --> saves bytes in your sketchs). Works with 3.3Volts and 5V. The sensor works well. Only 3 wires: GND, GCC and the signal.
    You can meter the temperature in 0.5 steps.
  • Perfect sensor if you're building an Arduino based wether station

    posted by anistor78

    The sensor if well supported by the Arduino platform. You can easily hook it up to an Arduino board. There are lots of tutorials for this on the internet. The sensor is also supported by a drop-in library by Adafruit. It took me just a few minutes to add this to my project.
    You can easily open the case with a sharp object and extract the circuit board and protect it with some epoxy lacquer. If you do this be sure to put some masking tape on the sensor before applying the lacquer or you will ruin it!
    Great buy for your DIY projects!
  • Very useful sensor

    posted by mcsarg

    Temperature and humidity sensor very useful for measuring aaplicaciones in electronic equipment, ultra-low power which can be installed on portable equipment, good coverage that protects from bumps
    I would put a protection of cables and most suitable electric insulation on the data bus, and some form of external calibration
    The bottom line is excellent for measuring these parameters and make a datalogger equipment to sample and store temperature and humidity with a microcontroller.


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