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  • Clock with big numbers

    posted by kfuji

    - Simple but very functional.- Big numbers and no problem to see them from the bed.- It switches automatically between time, date and temperature.- It has an internal accelerometer; it's practical to put it in any position. - If you have little space to put it, you can hace it in vertical position.- Alarm can have five different hours, and it sounds very loudly.
    - Its all you need in a single clock.
    - It's a nice and beautiful clock, but certainly NOT made thinking on wall-mounting it. If you're thinking on buying for wall-mounting, you'll have to do some adaptations on it. Nothing impossible, but it's not wall-mounted right out of the box. - Despite of that, a VERY nice item to have and impress your friends that probably never saw a big clock like this one.
  • Very stylish watch.

    posted by shatl

    Large digits.
    No frame. Digits during the entire wall of the housing.
    Show time, temperature and date.
    The numbers effectively change each other.
    External power supply. If broken, it is easy to replace.
    The clock is maintained even after switching off the power supply.
    Digits are rotated according to the provisions of the housing.
    I am very upset. I got a watch with a broken row of on the screen.
    I versed in electronics and decided to fix the clock.
    It turned out that on the pcb screen fallen off the output of the transistor.
    For reliability I soldered all the pads. Clock earned.
    Despite the drawbacks, I really liked this watch.
    I order more one as a gift.
  • Awesome portable scale

    posted by malveira

    1. Compact dimensions and light weight. 2. Great accuracy for such a small device. 3. Case looks well build and looks much more expensive 4. Awesome to weight bags before leaving home to check in at the airport. 5. Excellent strap to attach o the bags.6. Displays temperatureA must have.
    Saw airlines selling inferior products on their in fligh free shop for 5X the price.
    Excellent purchase. These scales come in handy for travelers to weigh the luggage.
  • Great product!

    posted by Eric1987

    It's a great clock, with a original wood design. Very tiny, excellent to have near bed. The light it's very powerful and can be seen for the very distance. It's has a dimmer for the like, so when the night comes it reduces its lighting power.The quality is also pretty good.You can use it with batteries or the USB cable.I'm very happy with it.
    none that i can think right now.
    It's a really good product, the price is not the best but it's not bad for its quality. I really recommend it if you want to renovate your old clock.
  • Good looking, and functional clock

    posted by teknoir

    - Stylish design
    - Comes with AC adapter
    - Can also use backup batteries (not required)
    - Large, easy to read numbers
    - Can cycle time forward and backwards when adjusting alarm settings (handy for people that need to wake up at different times each day)
    - Loud alarm (near impossible to ignore!)
    - Temperature and date features
    - Clock can be turned off and on (using button on the back) without loss of time settings
    - Instructions provided in both Chinese and English
    A few tiny flaws, but otherwise a great product. Stylish, simple to use, and functional.

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