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  • Nice circuit pack

    posted by AndreyKob

    Big bright indication, buzzer, big buttons, powerfull relay,very easy to install into the housing. Easy to use.
    It is nice universal device,accuracy is good.
    Maybe is is good to make tree different models - only heaters, only coolers and universal models.
  • Bargain, but...

    posted by BenNZ

    Cheap, looks good, good functionality, autotune
    The dynamic range of the PID is poor, there seems to be large granularity from one compensation duty cycle to the next letting temperatures cycle a bit. FOr the price tho - cant beat it.
    Great unit if temperature accuracy is not critical, it does hold temperature well. While the temperature display was accurate when comparing with a calibrated temp gauge, when the controller gets to its setpoint it will alter readings. This can also be seen by having it set at one temperature and then changing temp by 100 degrees or so, as soon as you press set, the temperature reading can immediately alter by a couple of degrees (if you've caught it at the right time). Great for pretty good temp control, want to actually know what your temp is doing, or critical applications then look elsewhere
  • Works great, nice little unit!

    posted by Pyro987

    This is a great little unit. You can use it to control ambient temperatures in certain spaces. Some people use them to control smokers, ovens, brewing equipment, or any other application as such.
    It would be great if products like this came with a cut out hole template to make instalation easier. I went to Home Depot and got a 4"x4" plastic outdoor junction box to install this unit in. I wired the output wires to a standard 3 hole socket, and then I plug my heater straight into that. The heater I am operating is a standard 750W/1500W floor room heater that has a dummy dial thermostat. I use this temperature contoller becasue of the moveable temperature sensor probe. I can place it where I need the heat reading in the most critical area. Vice the heaters thermostat that is built into the unit.
    Great little unit for the price. This unit on other sites costs way more. Buy and don't worry about anything other than you saved some money!
  • Simple and does the job

    posted by andreaatuni

    This is the simplest and most efficient way to switch something on via change of temperature. The device requires no power to operate, so is energy efficient and can be setup in a very short time.
    Use of a SSR (Solid state relay), is a good idea if you want to switch anything large (like an air conditioner) on and off.
    Nice and simple. Does the job.
  • Using it to operate a cooling fan in my roof

    posted by nirzon

    Cheap. Easy to handle. Controls an electrical switch according to the temperature
    I am using it to control a cooling fan in my attic which pumps the air outside when it is too warm.The connections are:Thermocouple red to 1. Thermocouple blue to 2. Ground to 3. 220V to 5. Load (fan) ground to 3. Load 220V to 8. 5 to 6.
    I am very pleased with this device. My attic is now cooling without me having to manually switching the fan on in the morning and off at night.


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