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temperature adhesive Customers Reviews

  • Good tape for electronics

    posted by Rakhil

    I tried to burn this tape with a lighter and a soldering iron and it withstood great punishment :)I think it will do its job properly, no problems.
    Keep in mind that the tape is really thin and also not very flexible, so it has a limited use in mechanical environment, I would recommend it mostly for electronics. I also think it is NOT fire retardant, don't use it somewhere near open flame.
    Good purchase, goesresist nicely along with other heat resistant tapes on DX website
  • Perfect

    posted by Kulitorum

    Good quality, good packaging. Does what you'd expect from tape, and does it well. Does not smell white heated to 200c.It's as good as you'd expect from kapton tape, just like the real thing. I have not tried it past 240c, but I expect it to preform equally well.There's really not much else to say.
    What you need for the hotbed of your reprap. Or for rebuilding extruders.I use it on my hotbed and my prints sticks, both PLA and ABS. Forget about hairspray, this stuff is perfect.
    If you need heat-resistant tape, this is it.
  • The same stuff as Kapton

    posted by Knuckx

    Doesn't melt or combust if high temperatures are applied to it, like a soldering iron or hot air gun. Very sticky.Wide enough that it can be used for covering circuit boards easily.
    This is polyimide, the same stuff DuPont sell as Kapton. While the main material seems to be the same, I have no idea about the adhesive.
    Useful for taping down things while soldering and preventing parts from being lost or damaged when using a hot air gun. Works well for insulating parts that get too hot for normal electricians tape.
  • Great for heated build platform 3d printers

    posted by PieterNr1

    I needed something to 3d print on. And needs to be Heat Resistant. Well this did the job. Not only that the printed material does not stick to it after it cools down. That was exactly what i needed.
    When needed i can be removed it will leave no residue. It cloud also be used as a replacement for kapton tape but i did not try that
    If it would be wider 12cm it would be easier to apply. Now i need to add more than one layer but that it not a problem.
    Great value for money ! Ik will order more in the near future
  • Just like the original

    posted by richardgr

    The tape is just like the original. It's heat resistant and usually used to keep electronic parts in place and insulated. For example it's used in laptops to keep some wires in place or to tape a wireless card so it does not move or cause a short circuit. The original tape is more expensive (even without shipment costs) and even though the item seems to be a copy mine is still labeled Kapton just like the original :-)
    Have a look at the wikipedia site regarding Kapton and you will find answers to all questions regarding this item: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapton
    Will buy again when I need more.

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