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telephone network Customers Reviews

  • Heavy

    posted by WipeOutHT

    I was surprised by the weight of this one, where I was expecting a lighweight thing that would break after 20 crimps, this feels like it will oulast me!
    Sturdy, strong and does as promised
    All metal, some plastic where it's allowed, fits the connectors nice!
    You can keep it locked so it doesn't take up too much space in your toolbox.
    If you need one, be it for professionel use or amateur, very good build quality for it's price :D
  • Works great

    posted by SerialChiller

    It works exactly as it is supposed to do, even the wire stripper has exactly the right diameter and works great. The build quality is also very nice.
    I always used a knife to push down the pins, which is a really fiddly and frustrating work. But I don't do this very often, so I hesitated buying such a tool, especially since I would have paid 25€ for one with plastic grips and no wire stripper at my local hardware store. I'm glad I found this one here.
    I should have bought it right away, it would have saved me a lot of work.
  • Great tester

    posted by cbr1000f

    This tester is very easy to use and displays clear results of cable test success/fail. The cable locator function also works very well.I used it less than a week after its arrival on a medium sized business new installation (23 points, cables installed but not marked at either end). Identifying individual cable runs was easy, and the client now has a structured cabling system fully identified and tested.A+
    Would like a little more volume/range from the cable tracer, but a minor issue.
    Great tester, especially at this price.
  • Good product

    posted by zavamatteo

    -Price is very low;-It came with a protective bag;-You coul test usb cables;-You can see the result of the test also on the receiver and this is very usefull when you have many cables to test and you have to do this job alone.Many professional tools don't have this feature.
    I'm the network's mantainer of a big hospital in my town and this tester is very useful in my work.
    For this price , this network tester is the best thing for any demand.
  • Excellent tool for the price

    posted by pandurv

    Good and robust machanism. The spring and red plastic protect hand from very sharp blade.
    If you intend to use it rarely or frequently, but not as professional tool, this is excellent choice.I was expecting to find it a little bit on the low quality side, but I was surprisingly happy to find that I was wrong - very good build quality!
    This is excellent tool for amateurs and even more advanced technicians. It is exactly what it claims to be. It's cheap, and works as intended.

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