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You will be surprised our best telephone line with an artful design and an amazing price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.

telephone line Customers Reviews

  • Small, simple, and efficient!

    posted by juliohm

    For this price, it can't get any better. It's very simple and effective. Just plug the phone cables, and another one into the computer's mic. That's it. Any software (like Audacity, which is open source) can record you conversations in a snap! Inner circuit eliminates noise and interference, providing good quality into the computer mic.
    I live in Brazil and consumers face a horrible reality of product/service support via telephone. Companies will do everything to passively ignore your consumer rights and recordings of phone conversations are constantly (and conveniently) lost due to technical problems. This product is ideal to record consumer support conversations for later use in small claims court.
    Great buy! You can find all sorts of equipments that do the same thing for hundreds of dollars more. Certainly worth it for this price. Anyone with average computer understanding can setup a recording station using freeware found on the net.
  • Absolutly amazing stylish phone

    posted by EverSimo

    - great design;- the toilet bowl lid work's well, with two opening levels;- the weight is nice, not so heavy and not so light, good to stress the cable without moving the phone;- great size, fits everywhere;- funny look! Everybody makes commentary about;
    It would Be Nice to hear some flush sound as ringtone!!!
    We like this phone a lot! It's very funny and it works very well on phone calls! We strongly recomend!!!We, that I'm speaking, is me and my wife.
  • NICE!

    posted by carolinanicolau

    - good price.
    - well biult.
    - very funny.
    - works perfectly.
    - good volume too.
    - i bought some months ago and i never had problems with it.
    - came inside a box package with bubble wrap around, so didnt break or scractched or anything.
    - good for putting in your bedroom, near to plug, cause of the lenght.
    buy it! i'm very happy with the hamburguer telephone, just like juno's. and you don't have to shake it so it will work.
  • Excelente

    posted by buzlailliar

    Gran compra . Un producto muy llamativo y totalmente funcional. Tiene un interruptor que lo que hace es bajar el volumen de timbre de la llamada. Se le encienden los ojos con unos leds azules cuando te llaman. Tiene un aspecto de buena fabricacion y de ser un material duro,se escucha muy bien por el auricular. Recuerda poner un microfiltro si tienes adsl puesto en tu casa
    Idela para regalo o como segundo telefono en casa
    Llevo dos meses con el y ningun problema
  • Great funny phone

    posted by dedel

    It's really funny!
    I've bought this telephone for my workmate that is security technician. Now anybody that comes into the room and sees this phone doesn't believe that it works and we have to make a call to demonstrate it works.
    I think nothing.
    It's a nice funny gadget and a good phone.
    I liked and it works well.

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