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  • Buen Flexometro

    posted by vitrosbuc

    Excelente producto con 5 funciones en un solo articulo, tiene su funcion normal de flexometro con medidas en milimetros y pulgadas, tiene una funcion de calculadora muy practica cuando estmos tomando varias medidas y necesitamos realizar operaciones para calcular los totales de estas mediciones, tiene una practica linterna led, tiene una libreta para poder tomar nota de las mediciones que estemos realizando.
    Es una herramienta muy practica para nuestra labores habituales.
    Buen producto volveria a comprar para ofertar a mis amigos.
  • nice product

    posted by AshkenaziAvi

    it is nice to work for estimated mesurement.it is very easy to use.it is very light to hold it.the display is easy to read.the shape is line traditional meter, and it is nice.the battery is standatd and small, can be used for a long time.
    for the price it is a nice measurment device.in a second thought, a laser distance meter it is better for more accurate usage.
    nice device.
  • Very good level and superb laser quality

    posted by rodstein

    The level is very well done, the materials are very good.The level bubles are ilumitated and this unit is perfect to use at night or in poor lightning conditions.The laser line is bright, can be use in daylight with no problems.They sent an extra set of batteries with the unit.
    A better case will be very interesting.
    A great product. I am very satisfied with this tools.
  • A must have tool

    posted by dangerous666

    - Well intended;- Useful;- Good build quality;- 2.4M of tape is quite reasonable;- Measuring tape is quite rigid, helpful in some situations;- Has a ruler embedded;- Laser aligner works very well;- Not very expensive;- Came with spare batteries.
    A very useful to, you must have it in your toolbox.
    A must-have in your toolbox.
  • Very good quality

    posted by fladeira

    Overall product quality is very good.The case seems to be from cheap plastic, but it's not easily breakeable. The tape seems to have very good quality. Internal mechanics still to be tested. Tape length is very good for external uses, as in construction and gardening. My use wll be at industry, to measure equipment distances in a area where no electronic devices are allowed, so only this kind of technology can be used.
    The price is not lower than similar ones found in local market.I'm not a heavy user, but I believe it's suitable for heavy users.
    I need to use it much more times to be sure that internal mechanics have so good quality as the tape and case.

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