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  • Upgrade in brightness for standard incandescent

    posted by doctorjre

    Good level of brightness as compared to the incandescent it replaces. Uses less power and fits decently.
    The mount is a bit wide, so you have to check if your festoon holder can accomodate this extra size.
    I use these for the trunk light in 2 different cars and it is an improvement for how much light is in the trunk, but the color is a bit cold and can be hard on the eyes.
  • LED H4!!

    posted by lasermanathome

    High quality material 4X R5 and a real driver to stabilise the lightoutput between 10-24 VDC.Don't know for sure is the 1400lumens are really reached, the type of ledchip certainly can, these emitters can handle about 5 Watt each and deliver in that case about 450 lumens.Light is not bluish like HID 8000K but more 6000K like sunlight.
    With some efforts this H4 could be made suitable for dim and high , by rewiring the leds and by use of two drivers, in dim the 2 leds at upside of the copper body and in high al 4 leds leds in action.....That demands also a slighty different place for the leds but that can be obtained during production without difficulties. in that case I would advise to activate 3 leds in DIMmode to get enough lumens, the leds for high can be placed more to the base for good alignment. and focussing.
    A fists attempt to make a H4, in some cases even really usable in headlights.It is no big step to make a H4 out of this concept but that step is unavoidable....The development of a full replacement for an incandecent "normal" H4 should be very welcome.
  • Gret

    posted by SSica

    Sometimes we have to use this type of light signaling during the day and then she has to be very visible.I recommend this taillight that has good lighting. The brightness is very good.The laser aprece even during the day in a shadow, it is not for the drivers enxergarem the cyclist, but indicates that it has good brightness.The battery is included with the product.
    I do not have anything more to declare
    Despite finding that could be a little cheaper I recommend to everyone because it is a good product.
  • Excellent LEDs to go with Xenon lights!

    posted by AmiloD

    Light coming at the front is very bright, very uniform thx to 4 small emitters instead of 1 big one.White light (~5200K). Work as excellent parking lights in my Alfa Romeo along with Xenon lights.These work with car's built-in light monitoring system (cheaper LED give Bulb error) thanks to built in resistors.Bright. These are definately brighter than normal w5w bulbs that give yellow light.
    Could have plastic base to hide the resistors? They get hot to touch..
    Excellent LEDS! I was looking for something to replace yellow parking light and these are the perfect ones to do so! I love them so far.
  • Good for boats

    posted by PedroAbreu100

    Very nice warm white light.Low consumption, regardind the normal festoon lights.The light is warm, good for interior usage
    In boats this is good because its warm (about 3000K) and have a good luminance. A good replacement to the festoon lamps (5w or 10W), so 417ma or 833mA. I used in a 80's sailboat.This product have 100mA of consumtion and is light is stronger than normal 10W festoon lights.
    A good product, a little bit expensive.

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