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Buy a tablet pc from DX.com! It's your best choice. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Customers who purchased tablet pc also viewed onda tablet pc, tablet pc case. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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tablet pc Customers Reviews

  • Excellent leather case

    posted by AmberNick55

    good finish,keyboard works excellent.Closes with magnet, which is easy to use.It looks clean,slick.And keyboard does not overuse power and reacts instantly.
    not really
    very good product.Excellent protection for the tablet
  • JUNPAD / RENAS 3 Great deal

    posted by mojojomaster

    Device is fast, well built and has many useful features. USB and wall charging are a plus, as well as the HDMI.
    You can root the bastard! how to root rena3:
    1. Install terminal emulator from App Market
    2. Install Modaco Visionary+ (get it from modaco website)
    3. run visionary+ and choose "TEMPROOT NOW".
    4. Run terminal emulator and type "su". Click OK if you get the Super User dialog box.
    You're halfway 2 rooting ur rena!!! If not, then repeat step 3.
    5. On # prompt (root LEVEL) type "mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/root /" and enter,
    6. Open your modaco visionary+ and choose "ATTEMPT PERMROOT NOW". The SuperUser popup will appear once again. Click okay. The device will boot. And that's all! from didota09 @ chinadigitalcommm
    This is a great device, considering its price tag and features. I highly recommend it.
  • Multi use

    posted by gjhames

    It fits in most places you'd want to use it. Works for both orientations. Perfect to use on iPad 2. Also is more resistant than the average DX products, the joints are really resistant. And it has some sticky rubber parts to improve handling.
    Perfect for use it in most models of Treadmills. Good for having hands free while reading or watching something on the tablet.
    It is cheap for what it does. Def worths
  • Good and cheap! Bom e barato!

    posted by cesarvergani

    - se voce procura um tablet barato para usar poucas funcões, este é o tablet, pois não irá gastar muito e poderá utilizar para ver filmes, muscia, internet, etc... Pensei em comprar este antes de comprar um mais potente, acho que fiz um belo negócio, pois não estou utilizando tanto assim, imaginava utilizar mais...- If you are looking for a cheap tablet to use a few functions, this is the tablet, it will not spend much and you can use to watch movies, Muscia, internet, etc ... I thought I'd buy this before buying a more powerful, I think I did a pretty business, because I'm not using that much, imagine using more ...
    If you are looking for a cheap tablet, buy!-se estiver procurando um tablet barato, compre!
  • Good tablet

    posted by grizzly1974

    I think it have very good quality, feel good when holding it. like and ipad almost.Tryed video and it was very good.Good batteri time.
    Delivered with chineese language active, not that easy to chanche if you not know android menues.
    Good tablet or the money, i would recomend it to others. I bought it to have and play with and surf when out in the boat, and for the kid to look at movies in the car,I think it will fitt very good for that.

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