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tablet carrying case

These cool tablet carrying case are high quality and at affordable prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. With your support, we can do better.
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tablet carrying case Customers Reviews

  • Ordered

    posted by serikus

    So, 1. Its quite good quality. 2. It is made from normal material3. No damages.4. Picture of Android in bottom :DD
    Really, this is the best thing by price - quality. I highly recommend. Just pui it on few days somewhere for this terrible smell comes out and it will be cool case :)
    I highly recommend buying this cool item! Very useful thing :)
  • Great product

    posted by abandaa

    It protects the tablet, fits it well the 7".
    It is ok, I guess. It is cheap and it protects, so I guess it is a win-win. If you need a case for your 7" and you can't seem to find one that was DESIGNED for it, then this one will work wonders.
    If fits my CCE 7" ok. But it gets in the way of the front camera. It is cheap and it protects your tablet just fine. It kinda looks cheap, but it is of good material. If you are looking for something cheap: this is it!
  • Looks verry nice!!!

    posted by xtspeed7

    first of all it looks verry nice and genuine!! the sides are finished with a rubber coating so that really takes care of some of the impact if it falls: because off the stiffnes (never the less: but just dont do it:P). the inner side has a soft coating so your tablet gets a bit of a polish (wich it needs because of your hand always leaves prints on the screen:P)
    it really looks great; as if it is a 30 dollar protaction case for your verry expensive tablet!!
    if u need a protection for your tablet: THIS IS THE ONE!!
  • Really Cheap and Usefull

    posted by srutschka

    In my case, I have not used this case for a tablet, but for an e-reader. It worked perfectly! Just measure the size of the device, and see if this case fits. The case is really nice, pretty, and meets the need to protect the screen of the device. The price is the best benefit, in my opinion, and the quality is not bad. It serves to protect the device, which is the main objective of buying the case. Excellent cost-benefit!
    The part that covers the screen can make it difficult to use your device, as this part is very rigid and difficult to bend. On one side, is positive for device protection on the other hand, is negative because troubles at the time of use. But no big deal. Yet the product is very worthy.
    Really Cheap and Usefull. Excellent cost-benefit! You should definetely buy this.
  • love it

    posted by Faclala

    really nice desing.love the MicroSd connector (hard to get one with that connector)works good.really good price.loved the color combination.holder don't cover the camera.holder works fine.
    buy it, microSD, 2 pens, good desing, good color combination, looks owesome when you open it and there is a tablet on it istead of a "good looking agenda"5 stars on this one!
    nothins else to add on this. good price, good product, shipping was on time (30 days to Argentina), keyboard work good.

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