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tablet android 4.0 Customers Reviews

  • 9.7" Android 4.0 Tablet

    posted by s1ider

    Bluetooth on the device about the Android 4.0.Good screen and aluminum casing.Good assembly. Productivity quite suffices for normal operation.Existence of built-in GPS became a pleasant surprise
    The camera of 2.0 Megapixels, but don't wait for miracles from its use. However, for communication on Skype and uses "geosocial" - it is quite enough service.It is not known as affairs with installation of new firmware for this device will be. Unfortunately I didn't find any information on this occasion.However, there is a suspicion that this pad is Yinlips M907, but this assumption is based only on circumstantial evidences.
    Pad worthy your attention.In any case the money it costs.
  • not bad, short battery life

    posted by dbojan76

    this tablet has a good screenit is light weightit is fast, cpu runs at 1.2GHz
    -antutu cpu benchmark 3422-mine arrived with a damaged screen-plays one hour video (ogv), using cpu only decoding. probably would be more using hw decoding. That is with wifi off, sound off.I might test it with video using hw decoder .-can only be charged through charger. (2Amp, 5V), not through mini usb port.-should probably root it, and install some cpu controller.
    not bad.
  • Marketing

    posted by Dendidenis

    I could not buy for a price in the store cost me Rossii.Poetomu arranged.More .. I was completely satisfied with the functionality I wanted something and got it.Capacitive screen works.
    you are Rossian speaking you will have to find a way to have the manual translated or if you do a factory reset... be familiar with the language settings as the entire tablet factory resets to Chinese. Not happy
    in the end - works for the price.
  • great for the price!

    posted by matrix-neo

    -performance is good, for a single core cpu, getting around 58fps from 3d benchmarks, graphics is top notch(mali400 chip is used in samsung phones as well!) and lots of ram(1gb DDR3) means you can runs lots of apps-android 4.0.3 build is stable, no major crashes except for maybe 2 or 3 apps that may not be fully compatible with ICS-tablet is thin and light(important when holding one handed for long periods) about 11mm thick and tablet weighs ~552g which is less than a samsung galaxy tab 10.1(~565g)!-battery life good, says 7000mah but can't confirm, with a mix of video playing, app running like games and wifi net surfing i can get around 5 hours with lcd brightness low, playing a 175mb SD family guy episode of 21min only uses 5% battery(with headphones & low lcd), but running cpu intensive apps like benchmarks for 3min used 7%, see other thoughts-wifi signal strong & stable, some tablets it drops in & out sometimes-has hdmi output-IPS capacitive lcd very good brightn
    re battery life, only 5% battery is needed to play a SD video clip as above but cpu intensive apps consume much more, i am guessing some kind of dynamic cpu underclocking is going on here(benchmark reports 60-1008 mhz cpu), also battery life is not linear, 5% for 21min does not always mean 100% will give 7 hours(420m) playback, as li-on cells deliver most of their power above 4voltsspeaker has moderate volume output, not much bass but clear, microphone recordings are clear, not much background noisehas 2 cameras, .3mp front 2mp rear, have yet to test skypescreen capacitive and very sensitive and is most likely IPS type, has very wide view angle(almost 180°!) and does not distort like when pushing down on older screens like TN panels, should put IPS in title! just a little bleed on left edge 2 spots and top edge but only visible on totally black screensg sensor works fine in games
    not going to lie and say its an ipad, but close! coming from someone who has had several tablets, including a 7" Via 8650(1st gen) and 10" Zenthink(2nd gen) plus others this is a great improvement on past china tablets, yes this costs more but look how much better it is! it's not perfect(what is??) but quite good for the $, if the improvements continue like this imagine in 1-2 years what we can buy! really looking forward to it
  • Good Product, good price

    posted by apcarabias

    Is very cheap, the resolution its ok, hdmi is great.you can see films ok on it, and is so easy to use it.The play store works all rigth, and so fast download. Great for kids, and do not worry about it, cause is cheap and hard (i buy a case too).Games works all rigth, and you can download everything. Skype is ok.the screen moves are fast.
    I recomended it for kids, travel and see films at bed.
    Great! price and quality very according.


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