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t6 led Customers Reviews

  • One of the best flashlights

    posted by kmvasilev

    As the owner of dozens of flashlights until I can share that this is one of the best and most useful. Compare it directly with SKU: 114647. 122 730 has much better mechanics focusing mechanism of 114,647 is very loose and unstable during operation, the luminous flux of 122 730 is narrower and much more focused light and as the result of it is quite strong. I.e. use all the power of LED which at 114,647 is lost because of poor design of the focusing part. The set of 122 730 is with included battery and charger for a very reasonable price, for 114,647 you have to pay an extra charge more. Operating time at full power is perfectly acceptable - about 80-90 minutes. Torch heated but in fully acceptable limits without overheating and discomfort for the user.The flashlight is very useful, relatively small size and weight in all situations when you need bright light!The ability to focus light is very useful for illuminating distant objects, the maximum useful length is about 200 meters
    I made ??two recommendations: To put an electronic regulator that ensures constant light output as a force To put the battery with more capacity and built-in protection. Instead of lowering the price ... :)
    Highly recommended purchase! The Torch is very strong, comfortable, reliable and at excellent price!
  • Very bright torch

    posted by mpetersson

    A very bright torch, the bright mode is VERY bright. It is good that there is also a less bright mode to save some battery. Seems very durable, built completely from metal.
    The light feels very sturdy, good solid build and quite heavy (which is a plus in my book). Time will tell how long batteries last.
    A good torch for this price, not very expensive, feels very solid and is very bright. Seems like a good buy, at least if it's as durable as it looks.
  • Not bad - More flooder than thrower

    posted by stealthmatt

    - stylish (looks slick)- good weight in the hand (nicely balanced)- glow in the dark on/off button- only takes 2 batteries
    It throws about the same distance as the FandyFire UV-S5
    If it was a choice between this and the FandyFire UV-S5 - id go for the FandyFire UV-SS - it has slightly more brightness. (I own both)However, if you want a torch that's similar and only takes 2 batteries - then this is probably the one for you.
  • W878

    posted by henkjankempers

    -Good brightness, although it doesn't seem to be 700Lumen-It's perfect that AAA and 18650 batteries can be used. For the AAA there is a holder included.
    -On site the brand is TOPPas. The delivered light's brand is UltraFire. Model looks exactly the same but it's strange.-Quick delivery from DX
    A good and usefull light
  • Excelent

    posted by fb2010

    Very high brightness, I believe that reaches over 200 meters. Really almost lit a small room. Looks solid. The type of diode used seems of the last generation and is of very high luminosity. Some comments spoke of warming, but I have not noticed that effect. A large battery. It also has various levels to adjust the brightness and battery consumption.
    Nothing special. Excellent purchase.
    Good product and good service delivery.

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