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  • An OK universal flashlight

    posted by liubartas

    18650 or AAA batteries can be used, it looks OK. It is rather easy to go from square spot to spill. It can tailstand.It is suitable for bicycle riding but you may want to consider other flaslights as it loses light having no reflector.Otherwise an OK/good piece of manufacturing.My light dropped on stones after lanyard broke, which resulted maybe in a couple of small specs on the body but one has really search for them and there was no effect on function.
    It has no hotspot. The spill is even with a couple of ligt rings outside but they are negligable.It has no reflector, so much light is lost when in spot mode.I has, IMHO, a simple plastic lens, no fancy coatings whatsoever.The High mode draws up to 2.05 A (at least - my DMM probably is an average and may not be very accurate). Middle mode is about 0.8A, Low is 0.03 (mostly on my DMM), rarely it can get to 0.14A. I tried to get stable measurement but sometimes it is just brighter than usually.Head does not get hot or even warm after half an hour so it may really not take 2.8A current and/or heatsinking is not that good.It has an O ring at the tail but no on the front.Threads on the tail are pretty shallow and are not square but worked fine for me.
    It is a bright light after my ~5 y. old one, it is good for riding a bicycle if you do not require hotspot or correctly working memmory. Middle mode has OK/satisfacory light levels for riding, and High mode is more comfortable. Low could be used too in darkness but it would force you into rather slow ride. A light with reflector will not be as adjustable but may throw more light and not just absorb it.
  • Nice head torch

    posted by drsolly

    It has two 18650 batteries in parallel, so it should last a long time. It has a good spotlight,plus some light around it. And it has a red light at the back (the DX description didn't make that clear), which makes it good as a biking headlight; cars behind me can see me. It comes with a little charger, in case you don't own one.
    Comforable to wear, angle of light is adjustable.
    This is coming out biking with me.
  • very bright, poor heatsinking

    posted by Jarlly

    VERY bright- hard to tell if my P7 is on when I turn this thing on! Good machining, comes with double O ring slots at almost all joins (though only 1 o ring fitted). Perfect to use as auxiliary lighting on a motorbike/car with a small amount of bodging. Though if that's your aim you could buy these for a bit less money:
    May want to order a pack of 23mm ID O rings with this if you're going to be using it in the rain a lot.
    the poor heatsinking means this won't last long. If you can fix that, you will have a VERY bright light for not much money with a fairly good runtime. I bought this for use on my motorbike to complement the high beam which I think it'll do very well.
  • Fandyfire carries on being awful bright.

    posted by lasermanathome

    The Fandyfire stays stable after longer time of use.The LEDs CAN handle the power, so the led's and the dewsign must be FIRST CLASS.I've used some ballistol to protect the driverplate and to stop the nasty sound when you replace batteries, this lubrication is superior to all others I know (it is in fact a biodegradable , non toxic weapon oil made in Germany.That will protect the screwconnection and all kind op O rings.It is still one of my favorite Flashlights even after I've bought several other power -flashlights.Because the reflectorrs are relatively large, the throw is certainly good, only HID flashlights with much larger reflectors have more throw and more lumens.But that kind of lights are -untill now the only ones wich can overclass the small fandyfire.The cheaper -lookalikes have not even close the power of the fandyfire althought they look the same. The 5 led version may have more lightoutput, the smaller reflectors do not deliver the throw the fandyfire give.
    Cherish your fandyfire, diamonds are forever!Use high current/high capacity 18650, otherwise the fandyfire gives not the promissed output.Ideall to have when the powernet goed donw . place it on a table, , and aim on a white ceiling, your livingroom has light enough to do anythingand lasts mostly untill the net-power is back.
    Should be in the case of a physician, the good Doctor can help where no light is available and light out the whole room wher he/she have to help, even when the netpower falls out.
  • Very bright - Buy it!

    posted by Barrocco

    Very bright light. Build quality is good. Of all 8 head lamps I have, this is my best!
    The head strap is comfortable. You can also buy cheap Li-Po-batteries from RC-shops and use the as power source.
    Just buy it. Hard to find any better for under 100 bucks. You won't regret!


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