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t6 3 led

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t6 3 led Customers Reviews

  • Very good flashlight

    posted by shpax

    Compact as it should be for 1 18650 batteryStill 1 18650 accumulator is the best choice comparing with AA type for instanceBuilt wellMetal have good finish.Stiff caps and clean screw3 modes as stated. It is pro to meWide filling light beam, about 45deg or so. With slightly visible central spot, exactly what I needed.Button works well to.
    Although the cons they were fixed in minute. So it is really does not matter.Crown was loosen abit due to the transportation I suppose. Nothing serious.The flashlight works well. I tested it with highest mode during may be 10 minutes which makes it become quite warm but still acceptable for such small device.
    very good price to quality factor. good classic design.
  • Good Light, Great output, Amazing price!

    posted by gwashau

    Sturdy torch, configurable for 3-4 18650's excessive lumens, very long runtime + RUNS PRETTY COOL CONSIDERING 2000 lumens!surprisingly awesome!
    A very sturdy single mode light. Very good heatsinking, despite information available on the forums below.I believe this is v2.0 as the heatsinking is surprisingly efficient. Never had the light overheat and have had runtimes of 25+ mins.
    Ignore posters below, This light has been revised and heatsinking is pretty good. Waterproof, lots of double o'rings, very tough.You want a portable wall of light?Buy this CHEAP AWESOME torch.
  • B60 Waterproof Cree XM-L T6 1000LM 3-Mode White LE

    posted by Merman2011

    Flashlight, purchased for spearfishing as it is waterproof, very bright, powerful and wide beam of light 900 lumens, light weight, ease of use. Three modes of operation High> Low> Fast Strobe. The connection wires between the battery and flashlight tightly, a waterproof rubber seal. Works 3:00 at maximum power, it is checked. This button on the lamp operates in water and is illuminated after you connect the battery, it is very convenient for switching. Tested in water at a depth of 3 meters.
    If possible, provide a rigid attachment of the lamp to the other surfaces (bike handlebars, helmet, rifle Scuba)
    I recommend an underwater hunter, a very low price for good quality.
  • Strong beam of light

    posted by ltuuri

    Compact and lightweight for such a strong, powerful light. Good for bicycling, you can really see far away. Not too many modes makes it faster to choose the right one. Solid build quality.
    Form of the light beam is longish: very good for driving. For a general purpose headlamp for camping, cooking etc. I would still use my old headlamp with much less power but broader shape of the light beam
    Great buy, good price/
  • Small, bright and well made

    posted by littlegiant

    Well made body. Really small and light weight.Current draw: 2.1A (high) at tail cap with freshly charged batteries. Did not test current draw at LED.Significantly brighter than my 2 cell P7 trustfire led with 2.3A current draw at LED.
    Uniquefire HS-802 out throws this. Hot spot is around 5 to 6 times bigger than the HS-802 at around 1m. Similar to the Aurora SH-44 but at almost half the price. I tried the reflector of the HS-802 on the XM-L led and the hot spot is much tighter and brighter.
    You won't regret buying this.

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