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t6 3 led Customers Reviews

  • Very Bright.. Could be better.

    posted by sparktastic

    Excellent design, with a nice deep aluminum mirrored reflector that matches the XM-L well. Probably one of the best designed tail caps for tail standing & grip too.Actually a pretty decent thrower for a large die LED. Obviously doesn't throw like a Q5 or R2, but the overall light output is three times as much as a these.Good O-Rings and overall construction.Mode memory works well.
    If the stock driver is removed and a 8x AM7135 2.8A driver is installed, this light will be very impressive indeed. The replacement driver can be programmed to only three modes (H,M & L) and should provide a well regulated 700+ lumen output down to 3.6V.
    Good single 18650 host for the XM-L emitter providing decent throw and masses of light on high. Really needs a driver transplant to take full advantage of a single 18650. My favorite (out of four others I now own) XM-L host. Soon to have a 8x AM7135 driver fitted.
  • A poweful little minx

    posted by prrkele

    A very powerful headlamp to use daily. The structure of the aluminium body itself gives a quality feel.
    Metal body gives a feel of quality, battery holder/charger on the other hand feels more chepo.
    All in all value for money. With a price as low as this I can recommend this product anytime. I would place it in the highest rating when comparing value for money.
  • Well wort the price..

    posted by smacke

    I gives a really impressing strong light.it's small and easy to use it's a really god flashlight for a small price.
    I recommend anyone to buy this if you are looking for a small and really strong flashlight.I read that some has had problems with a loose lens but mine works just fine.
    Well worth the price.. Bought the UltraFire BRC 18650 3.7V 3600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries ( Nr: 51988 ) and charger ( Nr: 13820 ) and it works great..
  • Nice !

    posted by Dogboy88k

    2 cell types (Primary Alkalines or provided Lithium 32650), 3 ways to charge (AC, 12VDC, USB), 2 sizes (with or without extension tube).What more could you want ?When considering the price, compared to other DX flashlights, you should factor in the included 32650 (SKU: 103936) worth US$22.30, the quite nice aluminium (I think) gift / carry case and the inbuilt charger, obviating the need to buy a dedicated charger.
    Not much discount for buying 3 or more.This would make a lovely Xmas gift.
    Quality item. Quality price.One torch to rule them all.You know you want it.Expensive compared to DX torches.Cheap compared to brand name offerings.
  • Like nothing you'll ever find in your local shop

    posted by M4NH4CK

    - insanely bright, even the power-saving mode is more than enough for night cycling; - light intensity and shape are perfect; - very small (which isn't obvious from the photos), expensive-looking and stylish; - can be used as a headlamp or a bike light; - enough charge for several nights of use; - dirt cheap.
    I know there are bike enthusiasts who go really mad about squeezing the most lumen from their LED lights. Granted, I'm not an expert, but 900 already seems quite enough to me. It illuminates the road perfectly and may occasionally dazzle passers-by. Any more than that might just be overkill.
    Great value for the money! Both extremely efficient and stylish.


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