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t6 18650 900lm Customers Reviews

  • Surprisingly good.

    posted by janisb

    The same amount of light as with MJ-808E.It seamed to be well built and used the same connectors as MJ-808E.
    I was surprised that headlamp at this price compared very well to almost two times more expensive MJ-808E. The major difference was light temperature, but I guess that can be adjusted with filters.Maybe it is a defect in the product I got, but it has 4 brightness levels and no strobe.
    It is a good value for money. I would get a better battery pack or add some water isolation for the bundled one.
  • Best value for money in category

    posted by Okoloiduci

    Great price (cca 21 euro) for bike light of such properties. Body of reflector is made from fine machined, anodized aluminium. Reflector is as well high polished aluminium, protective glass is sealed with silicone GITD "o" ring. Reflector appear waterproof, over all, high quality product. Cables is enough mechanically sturdy.
    Very good value for money. Light output is comparable with single car H7 headlight with slightly weathered protective glass (plastic), what is more than enough for bike.
    Strobe mode is hidden, but accesibile - very good feature! Consumption from akupack(considering deviations caused by resistance of multimeter and probes) is: HI - 950 mA, MID - 600 mA, LO - 300 mA, STANDBY - 28 mA!!! - so disconect akupack form reflector if in not in use, or during daylight riding.
  • Wow Best Lamp ever

    posted by Schinhan

    Its a very cool flashlite...the best i have ever seenstable build, zoomable, verry verry brite, good looking desing....waterproof....wounderfull!!! well build3 briteness funktions + strobe +sos funktionled works fine, temperatur is ok....nice one
    i showed it to my friends, and all of them wants to have one too....better than a maglite
    if you want a good styled, verry bright, and cheap flashlite, this one will be good for you....Buy it!
  • Great Headlamp.

    posted by iRouli

    Price, Brightness, Throw. Great for any activity where you need both hands free illuminating 5-100 ft wherever you turn your head depending on your speed: Stationary (working on/under cars), walking, and bicycling is what I've used it for. It gets iffy for me under 5ft even at low settings b/c I wear bifocals and I need more spill and less center at that point.When working closeup (under cars) I bounce the light off somewhere else and not directly where I want the light: This even out the lighting where I'm looking at and not change the lighting when I move my head to accommodate my bifocals.
    If it's possible to have a different throw profile at different brightness settings? More center at high and more spill at low brightness? A lot of us use headlamps for close-up work in which low brightness and more spill would help.It works now with what I do: Use indirect lighting close-up. If you don't use bifocals this is not a problem.
    Get it. NOW.
  • Good product

    posted by alain64

    Excellent light level with a good angle and a very high concentrated brilliance in the middle (but it is not suitable for underwater photography or videography).
    The torch would probably accept higher pressure if the glass washer would be replaced by a classical o-ring. The choice between three brilliance levels is alright but the two strobe modes are not really usefull : at least one of the two could be removed.
    That torch is really a good deal.


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