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t5 bulb white Customers Reviews

  • Best T5 LED bulbs you can find

    posted by OzTmDX

    I have to agree with the previous reviewers: these lights are awesome!!! I had to do some soldering to fit them into my car's older sockets, but it was worth it. I tried other LEDs too, but these are by far the brightest ones, and they give such a uniform light dissipation, it's almost unbelievable for LEDs.
    Buy these if you need T5 replacements.
    Perfect dashboard T5 lights.
  • t5 white led light

    posted by meestirito

    looking to upgrade the interior of your vehicle, this led lights are what you need. I bought these lights for my ignition light and to replace my dash lights. The color is white with a little tint of blue but mostly white. the build quality is good for the price, cant go wrong. these are also good because the design made for tight spaces. I used these to change my orange dash lights in my lexus to a nice white dash light look. also used these in my cigarette ash tray light and my glove compartment.
    cheap led light to up grade your vehicles interior
    cheap lights, good looking, good quality, get it
  • Fantastic bulbs, very brightness

    posted by riki7269

    Good product, i installed in my car at the first day that arrived and it looks very well, brightly lit. Besides that the bulbs are very little, but the two leds 5050 SMD bright a lot of.
    when you installed the bulb, remember that it have polarity, change to the other position if it doesn't work
    Buy the product, it bright more than a standar bulb(filament) , and price is very cheaper than in other place.
  • A good led light for instrument panels

    posted by olavxxx

    Nice color of the light
    Good light strength
    I retrofitted theese lights in my cars bulb-sockets, so I can run the white leds in the instrumentcluster.
    The OEM lights are very expensive, also they wear out faster than leds... So, I thought it could be fun to do this mod.
    I did it today :-) and it works like a charm.
    If you want to use the bulbs in a cluster, like I did, remember to matte the leds, so they are no longer clear.. eg. use a scissor or something and scrape the entire led :-) takes about 1 minute per led, but it gives you a much more foggy light.
    ps do not do that if you intend to light up a large space.. however, I would not use this in the cieling of the car, as it will be too weak.
    You can however use it:
    * in a pc
    * in the instrument panel
    * dashboard parts, knobs, etc.
    It's a good product, but if you know you need the large size, you might want to order more than 1 set, so you have a lrger chance of attaining the large size leds.
    Same goes if you need the small ones.
    maybe one could email dealextreme and say what size they want.
    However, for me, its not a problem.
    Oh, yes.. the leds come in pairs!!!
    So, the 10 pairs was way more than I needed, lol....
  • Very good

    posted by speedy9

    Small, no plastic housing.
    Very good build quality, very solid.
    Fit ideally and tight into the bulb socket.
    Good light output.
    They would be even better having 2 LEDs on each side.
    Work great in my car's gauges. I do not have to replace bulbs every 2-3 months since I have them.

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