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Check out the great t20 red car to see if there is any that suits you. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Browse the products from car red signal, or some other related Pages like car red brake. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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t20 red car Customers Reviews

  • A good solution to replace old light bulbs.

    posted by LKSQUE

    A good solution to replace old light bulbs, enough light, it is the best option to buy these bulbs, although I think it could be even brighter as they are now shines in practice as well as 20w normal bulb.
    This is a great solution if you want to use these bulbs in clear plastic taillights. If the lamp cover made from red plastic, I think is better to use white light bulbs and as far as possible from the more LED modules, because the bulbs with more LED modules have better light separation. (Do not shine like one or more dots) . Moreover the white light intensity is much brighter, 9 watts red light is look like far less than 9 watts white light.
    In any case, it is worth to buy and change light bulbs to LED bulbs, because they use less energy especially for those who commute short distances and want to protect the car's battery.
  • Works as expected

    posted by realbriguy

    Works exactly as it should. LED technology has instant on/off, and low power draw resulting in longer alternator life and battery life. I have one of these mounted in my high (third) brake light, and it works well. The instant on/off gives it a very distinct visibility for greater safety.
    Overall, a decent buy, but the price could be a tad lower. Maybe it just feels more expensive for me, because I only needed one of these bulbs rather than the pair.
  • That is what i need

    posted by jimakosb

    verry very good product. That is really what i needed. I put it in my Honda brake ligths and change the look of my tail.Very bright and good quality.
    I think soon to replace all my bubles with leds bubles. Better looking and more safetly. Also I recommend to my friends to do the same.
    Buy this products, and you will be very satisfied whit it.
  • Good replacement for 7443 / 9518 bulbs

    posted by Mike9876

    Installed in a Honda Element. These are as bright or brighter than stock bulbs. Side emitters fill the lens just like stock bulbs do. Light up faster than stock bulbs.
    If replacing turn signal bulbs with led you have to replace to flasher too. Look for one with the word LED on it or "variable load". Stock flashers measure power used to determine if a bulb is burned out. LEDs use less power, so stock flashers indicate a bad bulb.
    Finally a good led replacement for stock bulbs.
  • For Rx-8 owners

    posted by Skywalker81

    super bright super eye catching!!!easily get sighted. easy installation,plug n play. brake and signal fits well(7443/T20). same goes to the reverse light bulbs. Packaging is awesome, comes with protective envelopes to protect the bulbs.
    is good if it comes with an diagrams or basic installation manual.
    satisfy with the product with this price tag. worth trying. much cheaper than local shop.

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