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t10 white car Customers Reviews

  • Nice cheap light

    posted by Loeken

    Good price/value for the money, Ok light source if you dont need strong light.
    Cable is really thin and easy to break, and short. I dont use it in a car and if I would I would change the cable (also the contact needs to be changed).The pcb is good if you need a circle light, the LEDs can be changed while using the existing pcb and resistors.
    If you need this kind of geometrical led light for some kind of circle installation and dosent care about quality or light strength and dont want to spend a lot of money its a good choice.
  • Good device.

    posted by bg1199

    The small size is well suited to replace regular light bulbs T10 in the car. The small size allows the use of the LED in place of any lamp T10 in your car.
    Useful for lighting a glove box, under foot space. Also, the LED can be used for lighting mirrors in the sun visor.
    The small size allows the use of the LED in place of any lamp T10 in your car. You can not fear that it will not fit or will be in something abut. It is not suitable for lighting large areas. But for small areas fit very well.
  • awesome!!! very bright!!!!

    posted by NAZ2323

    small, very very bright, easy to install with several adapters provided, the sticky tape is very strong, the unit it tiny but very very bright.... lights up my whole cabin like a torch.
    buy it and use it everywhere, much nicer than the regular, ancient ugly-azz yellow light bulbs... seriously - who uses those ugly yellow bulbs nowadays???
    super nice... more than what i expected...
    i'm pretty sure DX will publish this post - my previous posts very negative and 'mysteriously" they didn't get published...
  • Decent, Slightly Blue

    posted by mrbigaxe

    They work just fine. The quality seems better than most lights of this type. They fit a T-10 base (194, 168, 921)
    The color is a little on the blue end of the spectrum. I would guess the color is around 6000K. They work well. I used them for marker lights on a mirror. They look good with my 5000K HID lights, though they are a little too blue to really match well. If you wanted to used them for usable light, the color is white enough to see well.
    Though they are a little expensive for the output, they seem to be good quality. I probably would not buy them again, just because I wanted a 5000K white light and these are slightly blue. But if that is what you want, they are probably worth buying.
  • Nice crisp power saving LEDs

    posted by johankj

    * Very white (cold colour temperature) light, but not 'cheap' blue/violet white. Crisp and clean.
    * Uses considerably less power than incandescent bulbs.
    * Bright.
    * LEDs last longer than incandescent bulbs.
    * Seems robust.
    I ordered this for my Toyota Corolla, which has two of these: One in the coup and one in the booth. I initially got the polarity the wrong way around, but that is just a matter of trial and error, you wont damage the LEDs in this way. The bulbs don't quite match the socket, as they are fatter around the base (cone) than the bulb. This annoyed me. Don't touch the bulb when it is lit. I did when I had to adjust the bulb because of the misalignment, and burnt my finger. In case you are wondering, these will fit any socket that supplies 12V DC (most cars) that accept 31mm festoon style sockets.
    Gets a star deducted from ease-of-use for unclear polarity markings, and gets one star deducted from usefulness because of the slightly ill-fitting bulb ends and directional lights.


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