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t10 white 6500k

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t10 white 6500k Customers Reviews

  • T10 2.5W 6500K 168-Lumen 12x5050 SMD LED White Light Lamps for Car

    posted by imvan

    Cheap, cheap, cheap. give lots of light for the sizeWill get more
    value for money is good Must eliminate the annoying 500 characters requirement. Must eliminate the annoying 500 characters requirement. Must eliminate the annoying 500 characters requirement. Must eliminate the annoying 500 characters requirement. Must eliminate the annoying 500 characters requirement.
    will buy more
  • Good product

    posted by DanBrno

    Very Good light and Very good for the price.. Ideal to use as bulb for licence plate. Dont have problems
    Parts with diode be solder togheter but no weak, but It's weird guided. Diodes are solded manualy but no problem of any.Contacts be from thin wire and it possible to rasty if water go to it.
    Good product i can re-order, buts no longer available. I wait for it about one month but its normal for all goods from dx to me (czech republic)
  • Perfect fit on License Plate

    posted by de_compet

    QUALITY: very high, PRICE: correctBRIGHT: more lumens than original bulb
    SIZE: this is smaller than other LED bulbs, is similar to the original T10 bulbFIT: fitted perfect on a Honda SH 125i '11 License Plate. Easy to fit because is similar to the original size T10 Bulb.PACKING: package is ok, antistatic (maybe unsufull), difficult to brake or damage.
    Perfect fit, blueish color, brighter than original bulb --> Recommended
  • Very bright, but a bit blue to purple hued

    posted by thanar

    These LED T10 lamps are REALLY bright. Please see attached pictures for a demonstration. I believe that the single-chip design of these lamps will prove to have better resistance to damage due to heat.
    I got them to replace the standard halogen sidelights on a Renault Clio 2. Result is OK, brighter than halogens, if only the color was a bit more neutral.
    Get these if your wheels are equipped with Xenon headlights, will fit perfectly. If not, have a look at the pictures I am attaching and judge for yourselves.

    posted by MarcosRoberto

    - LOTS of light, makes the incandescent T10 looks really weak.- some people say it's fragile, i don't agree, it has a plastic body so you can't expect the same stiffness from a metallic case.
    - the LED section SHOULD BE the same diameter as the base, REALLY!
    - never saw any kind of T10 so much brighter- WATCH OUT the fittings before buying it

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