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  • A good product that gives white light ...

    posted by sale01

    This is a good item. It gives a nice white light, but could be stronger. Everything was as described on the website of DX. The light is pure white, not blue. The price is not high, and this is a good buy for the money. Everything is well packed and safely in a security envelope. Until Serbia's product traveled thirty-two days after ordering. However, I am satisfied.
    This is a good purchase with regard to money. I have no complaints. I recommend ...
    I recommend the purchase of this item ...
  • work well, lots of uses. good value

    posted by mbreck

    3 types of connectorsfairly bright light outputgood priceLots of uses in cars, pickups, r.v. or even the house if you connect it correctly.
    I've made a couple of led boards at less cost than DX charges...but and it's a big one. It is one major pain in the backside to sit there and solder all those diodes, resistors and wire. Sure China probably pays way low wages but you can't get these anywhere in the world where the device isn't made in China. So that being the fact, why not cut out the middle man and save some major cheddar while getting the item you need.
    Buy these. I bought quantity (3) and it save me a buck or so. Be careful with the quantity if you don't really want them because often the shipping charge off sets the price. But for these items. 3 was only the beginning for me. I'll be reordering very soon
  • Great LED

    posted by Josuezs

    The light is minimally blue and well strong. Illuminate enough. Its length is 2.7 cm (see the comparative photos).
    The lamps could have a protection around themselves, for dust and water for example. But what I'm most encomodou were the irons of connectors.
    LEDs are excellent to put on the plate of the car (my case), but if you put little lights inside the car.It was an excellent purchase. I am very pleased with the performance of LEDs.
  • good T10 LEDs

    posted by AlphaOmega2k

    These T10, also known as 5W5, are very copact and convenient to use. Connector part is solid and wide enough to make a proper connection to the system - thus making impossible light blinking because of a bad contact. Light is very bright. Energy consumption is almost twice as low than the regular car bulbs. Error-free note is hopefuly will make them last very long without flashing or blinking or whatsoever.
    Nevertheless the cons, these LEDs still can be used in other parts of a car lightening system. For example, as a light for the license plate!
    I bought a pair of those and one more pair for the future (as a replacement). Hopefuly they will last long enough and will have no errors while on.
  • Strong Light

    posted by ndiniz

    Very strong light and very directional. If you intend to use as a spot light or if it will be facing what needed to be lightened, this is the right choice. Single led avoid blinking and failure.
    Let's see how much time will last. If it's as strong as the light, will last forever.
    Very good looking when turned off (silver edge), very good color (pure white) and very strong light.

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