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t10 white 3w Customers Reviews

  • It has more light that you might think

    posted by Tortugarion

    - Good build quality- Thanks to the big aluminium housing you should not worry about the heat management- Lens focuses light well- The light it produces is really white- Strong enough to use it in daylight instead of DLR- Easy installation- Low power consumption
    After having received this pair of T10 3W 270LM 6000K White LED Car License Plate Lamp / Dashboard Light / I mounted them directly into my Ford Mondeo MK3 as marker lights. I was really suprised. These bulbs produce a really white light. and they emit a well focused light so it won't blind other drivers. Just to imagine the light it produces is similar to have mounted two Mag-Lite mini tourches on my car. I do recommend it.
    Previously, I ordered another pair of T10 the SKU35621 T10 1W+3W 12V White Light LED Car Turning Signal Light Bulbs (2-Pack) for USD$ 5.49 , but when I got them one of them was broken. The one I could install did not prodece enough light so I went to see other T10 LEDs with higher W. I am totally happy for having bought these.
  • Good product

    posted by mauro763

    Fits perfectly in the T10 socket, good price to quality ratio, more light compared to other multi-led T10 bulbs and keeping the size of a standard incandescent bulb, not much heat is emmited by the led. very easy to put in, it feels very solid. I'm very pleased with the product.
    It will be the perfect T10 led bulb if they were a little bit cheaper, under 3 dollars will be nice :)
    Good product, perfect size, so much light compared to other led bulbs.
  • T10 led replacement

    posted by madvet

    -nice, solid build quality-only slightly larger (higher) than standard T10 glass wedge base bulb. (+- 1 to 2 mm.)-Good white light color-Goog light output-Aluminium cooling ring around led's
    i've received these within a week after ordering.... not bad considering the have to come from China.
    I've used these as a map reading light in our Skoda Fabia. (will fit most VAG group car's like VW, Audi, etc....). The bright white light is much better to read in the dark than the standard yellow-ish incandesent bulb... It's a bit of a cold white color but that more a pro than a con when reading maps or notes in your car at night.
  • work well, lots of uses. good value

    posted by mbreck

    3 types of connectorsfairly bright light outputgood priceLots of uses in cars, pickups, r.v. or even the house if you connect it correctly.
    I've made a couple of led boards at less cost than DX charges...but and it's a big one. It is one major pain in the backside to sit there and solder all those diodes, resistors and wire. Sure China probably pays way low wages but you can't get these anywhere in the world where the device isn't made in China. So that being the fact, why not cut out the middle man and save some major cheddar while getting the item you need.
    Buy these. I bought quantity (3) and it save me a buck or so. Be careful with the quantity if you don't really want them because often the shipping charge off sets the price. But for these items. 3 was only the beginning for me. I'll be reordering very soon
  • Fanstastic brightness and strobe

    posted by Ruinque

    Give bluish white light, brighter than whatever I ever had. At least 3 times brighter than sku.21288 which I used before.
    Using fast off/on cycle you can switch them between full light mode and strobe mode which looks really cool in clear projector based lights.
    Build quality is very good.
    You can use them in both polarities as they're diode-bridge equipped.
    In my car it is impossible to switch them to strobe mode after engine is started (voltage at 14.6V). If already in this mode they keep flashing but after switching them to full light there's no way to switch them back to strobe :-(
    To do it I have to turn the engine off, wait at least 5 min for the voltage drops under 12.5V :-(((
    Very bright!
    Strobe mode is fantastic!
    To fit them, resoldering can be really pain unless you have professional tools or skillfull friend ;-)

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