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t10 led white 2w

These cool t10 led white 2w are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

t10 led white 2w Customers Reviews


    posted by lipebon

    Is a bulb normal, is white, shine clean...ALL OK. Functional. Very good for the price. good lighting. All leds working. No problem. LEDs do not have the strongest, but illuminates well.Comes well packed. Nice effect, both internally and externally on the vehicle.
    It is far from the best light for car bulb headlight, but not the worst. The quality is not the best, but it works well, is priced right, the lighting is good. It's a great. Dont have problems
    ALL OK!
  • Great inexpensive LED's

    posted by pbrlic

    Purchased these LED lights for my Travel Trailer to replace standard 921 bulbs.The LED's fit great, have good colour temperature (warm white) and work well.
    If you are looking for efficient bulbs for your trailer, and don't require a lot of brightness, these work great. Would recommend them for applications where low lighting is acceptable.
    Good bulb and inexpensive.
  • They are W5W / T10 .. so far so good

    posted by silviumc

    * if you need a pair of bulbs with light on one side only, these are perfect: no wasted light;
    * they are brighter, they draw less power and don't get as hot as W5W;
    * they fit in a W5W / T10 socket. DX has a wrong description, there is no such thing as a T9 socket;
    * they are supposed to last for a very long time;
    I use them for door lights in my car. I'm glad I found such a bulb model with LEDs on one side only, they're exactly suited for this purpose.
    Good product
  • Great light in cabine and works with dimming car function

    posted by LiviuIonut

    Very good light.More light than regular bulbs, than 10W regular. Very Low consumption.The light is emitted in all direction.The light became emitted more quickly than regular bulbs and stop emitting instantly.Dimming function work.Very Good price.Adapter for connection to different bulbs.The pcb plate is not heating.
    I use 2 of those for inside car cabin light. In the front and in the back of the car I have a light reflector with a W10W regular bulb mounted in the roof section. After the installation I was amazed of the light output. It is more light than regular and works great. Now I can found every small needle in the car at night.Only in the front the reflector has a dimmed function. Is like a normal volume control, and diminish the light output from a minimum to maximum light value. I can reset the light easily if is too bright.This function work perfect, and the low value is more low than regular bulb. The car shut down the light gradually and this bulb is function perfect. The light became slowly dimmed and gradually shutdown. This is like regular bulbs but with more light. When I set it to low light dimmed, and the car slowly shutdown the interior light, if you look directly to leds, you can see that the lights is closing in steps. This is not observed in daily/night use.
    I use 2 bulbs in my car for more than 1 year and function perfectly. Very good T10 Leds with lower price. Excellent buy for me.My car has a back mirror with automatic dim function. Some of the light from the leds reach the sensor in the mirror, and in the night the back mirror dimes it self even if no car is blinding me from behind. The light reach the sensor because I could not mount the leds exactly in the place where the W10W is present. Some like 5 mm more closely to the reflector glass and the results is that the reflector spread light more sideways and in the back mirror sensor too. This is not an annoying problem at all, it just happens and I relate that here.
  • Really good, but....

    posted by joelini

    The light is white with a little blue. If you use xenon lamps this product match exactly de regular color. They are pretty bright for what they are.
    if you use t10 lamps on your car but you have just the space for a t10 light this will not fit. This is far more larger. Also if the build quality could be improved it will be awsome.
    for the price is a great product. Looks nice, and it throws a good light for what it is. Buy like 3 or 4 your friends will want some too, and having spares is always a good idea

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