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t10 led lamp pair Customers Reviews

  • Bright light in small package

    posted by fichoficho

    Excellent light output from such a small bulb. The leds are bright and each LED has three chips, so the total light output is increased over single chip leds. Lights the registration plate on the back of the car better than incadescent T10 5W bulbs.
    Maybe if it had a digitally regulated current and voltage, but then, how to incorporate it all in such a small bulb.
    Great bulbs for various application in cars. Can be used to replace regular T10 5W bulbs as they are almost the same size...
  • T10 3.5W 84-Lumen 7-1206 SMD LED White Light Car

    posted by paulweig

    Arrived in padded envelope after 10 days from order - good response. Measured current @ 13.2 V = 49 mA, one tenth of the 5 W incandescent lamp it is replacing, yet giving noticeably superior cool-white light output.
    Interesting that the outer LEDs are in fact a cluster of three emitters in series (requires apx 10 V to light the devices) enabling the six devices to be in parallel with one common current limiting resistor, aiding in efficiency. The result is that as the supply voltage drops to 10 V and lower, the six outer LEDs extinguish while the center LED remains bright because it is fed from its own current limit resistor. A well thought out strategy.
    Well worth the price, recommended.
  • Very good T10 LED lamp

    posted by JohnJackGit

    It really has current regulation. Current draw is same 53-56 mA at 13.5 V and at 23 V input voltage. Maximum current for used emitters is 60 mA, so unlike most LED lamps that one is slightly underdriven, it will not overheat and burn out.Warm white LEDs are much closer to incandescent light than common bluish cool white. It will not mess with the color of the dashboard indicators and is easier for eyes in darkness.Generally, LED lamps take muck less power than incandescent bulbs and produce more light. That one is not an exception.
    LEDs are diodes, so they need to be plugged with proper polarity. There are no marks on the lamp, but if you look to the side with hieroglyphic picture, three-legged chip is at minus side and "121" resistor is at plus side.Light goes to sides and not directly forward. Can be a pro, a con, but mostly it doesn't matter.
    Good replacement lamp. Work much longer than cheaper lamps and brighter than bulbs.
  • Cheap but not the best lamps

    posted by eltioquecompra

    You don`t have to worry about polarity, the light is white an powerful in one direction.
    it could be cheaper I think , I would buy 8 led lamps in place of this because are more brighter and cheaper, I thin that these lamps are very specific for only one type of use.
    I won`t buy again this item.I think that 5 leds lamps are better.
  • Nice warm white ledbulbs for cars

    posted by lasermanathome

    Very nice warm white ledbulbs, ideal for citylights or headlights to be seen at daytime.They will not be overheated (also NOT with 14.4 VDC ( voltage during running motor).The 12 leds wich can handle 1/2 Watt each can handle the power easily.
    Can be used for other purposes too, when cooled, the leds can handle 6 Watts in total, in that case about 500 lumen is produced.In that case you have to bypass the resistors and cool with forced airflow.
    Many possibilities lay open, these ledchips are very reliable and will -certainly in this case- easily meet the MTBF of 50 000 hours or better!


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