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t10 led car lamp

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t10 led car lamp Customers Reviews

  • very bright and good looking!

    posted by Hottuning

    Very good colourVery brightLow power usagevery cheap!
    These are the best for this price! I have never found anything else like this for such a low low price! Ive used them on several cars now and they amaze me everytime. The colour is outstanding and the brightness is amazing! Ive bought known brand wich couldnt even begin to compare to this quality en price range. I cant keep telling you how good this product is, but I have to have a 500 characters review before this is added, what is a whole lot in English for just a simple review. Maybe they ask 500 because in asian u need more characters or something? I don’t know, but now im done with typing.
    buy this, u will never find a better quality for such a low price!
  • Just bought more!

    posted by Driftnut

    good clear colour. fit perfectly. Amazing colour. lots of compliments and feedback. plug and play with no hassles. not obvious at all that they are aftermarket unless you physically remove them from or simply turn them on
    just bought a bunch more for my next car aswell as some for my family members. many people have asked me where to buy these from
    no issues with these bulbs at all. worked perfectly first time all the way till the last time. not too pricey and am looking forward to my next bunch :)
  • Brighter than I expected, totally worth the buying!

    posted by NonkonformNord

    This two little fellows are fitting perfectly into a car's T10 slot by diameter and height.First I was worried about the brightness, because my parking light are tinted black, but this lights are just awesome. They won't get too hot, so you don't have to worry about any damage your parking light / side light / reading lamp could take! A little brighter than normal T10 / W5W bulbs, but not too much, so you won't get pulled over by the cops.Even though they are not street legal in Germany, with my tinted parking lights I haven't get any trouble, and I'm sure I won't get any in the future (based on this lights :-) )I compared them with some more expensive lights from a well known German brand (~24$ EACH!), mounted in a friends car... Mine were a little brighter! :-)
    Based on the fact that my car is some days older (21 years, but running like the first day) I can't tell you about can-bus compatibility...
    If you need some nice T10 lights, you found 'em!Great lights! Nothing more to say...Will order some more for sure!
  • Good for Insede lights

    posted by Marauder

    This light car is perfect to change the major ligths of your car, because, the insede lights, the trunk lights, the door lights, and the fottwell lights AREN'T CANBUS and you cant eaely change it with this and don't pay more for a CANBUS compatible leds
    The light is projected to only one side, this is helpful if you want take advantge of this and change the reader's light as example
    As I said above, is perfect to change the inside lights, not all lights on your car are CANBUS !! The CANBUS is only for a "critic" lights you must know are broken.
  • powerfull

    posted by ariru

    Very powerfull, easy to connect, great price, Very bright and really white, nice on car, little big, 3m tape hold on place...
    I put them citroen xsara license plate light. It will be bright.. Does not need rewerse light anymore XD. Its dont dazzles on behind
    Very nice LED, nice production, looks good, In use for a week, the point would be how long it will work. And can its work long on frost

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