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t10 led 3w

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t10 led 3w Customers Reviews

  • The end of DIY

    posted by zemike

    If you need a bright source of light in a car but don't want to mess with DIY, this is the perfect solution.
    I used this bulb in my car door and it was a perfect fit in the plastic housing. Compared to the 8-led panel (without AL heatsink) this one is much brighter and whiter.
    The bulb itself is very well built.
    Even behind a diffuser optic the light is too bright to look at it directly.
    This is much cheaper than a DIY solution providing the same light output. (3w LED + driver + heatsink)
  • Very nice light bulb for car head lights

    posted by JeroenRoest

    + Very bright + White/purple light + durable + Easy to use + easy to replace your old halogen Lights
    I have the light for over a year now, and its still working fine.I'm using the lights beside the head lights of my car, it looks realy nice with xenon lights 6000KIts a LED light bulb, so you have a + and -. So if the light bulb don't work connect the light bulb the other way, and it will work for sure!
    If you want durable, good looking lightbulbs beside your xenon lights, this is the one for you.Its realy worth the money
  • Perfect

    posted by p0vilas

    Perfectly fits to all VW passat models, where T10 model goes on (B4, B5, B5+, B6)Amazing bright white light.In evening you can see your yard without turning on short lights.
    To make your lights beautiful and bright I think it is quite good product and if it would be a little bit cheaper I would suggest to buy it, because it is 304 lumens, what is rear thing in DX.
    Because of the price I will search for cheaper ones.
  • Works great!

    posted by dutchtrade

    - Low energy usage- powerfull light emitting diode- lots of possibilities
    nice, but would be great if they made this in a round shape, so the light gets emitted just like a regular bulb.
    Important measurements for fitting it in your cars headlight unit.width: 11mmwidth diagonal: 13mm length connector: 7mmlength total: 34mmsticking out when mounted: 28mmIMPORTANT! the hole in the headlight unit needs to be 13mm or more!!!
  • VERY bright

    posted by GregM12

    Extremely bright.Fairly soft light because there are no lenses over each individual LED element.Comes with adhesive, and "universal" adapters.
    Testing this on a bench, I put 14V into it (typical max seen in a car) and it pulled 258mA. This puts it at around 3.5W at 14V.The panel is easily 3-4x brighter than the stock bulb in my Honda Civic.
    This is a very bright, universal LED panel that can be used in many different applications.

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