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t10 6 led Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by silviumc

    * if you need a pair of bulbs that direct the light in front, these are perfect. No wasted light;
    * as bright as incandescent W5W, yet they draw less power and don't get as hot;
    * they are supposed to last for a very long time, you shouldn't have to ever replace them until the car itself is recycled. I can't say if that's going to be true.
    I use them for dome lights. My car has three W5W sockets for the front seats and three sockets for rear seats. So I bought three pairs of these bulbs. I'm happy with the amount of light I got.
    There are other LED bulbs that are much brighter than these, those are good for parking lights, for example.
    Good for interior cabin lighting.
  • Very bright.

    posted by Go90go

    Extremely bright. I was surprised at the output and when I was testing these, I ended up with spots in my eyes for 20 minutes afterwards. Definitely brighter than the 0.9W title would have you believe.
    Supports fading, which means this is direct drive.
    I have no personal use for this as I bought it for someone else, and I have a thing for seeing multiple diodes in a dome light. I can't stand it. Maybe this'll go into my trunk as an extra touch of colour?
    Buy it if you're looking for green LEDs for your interior/door panel/glove box. Just don't look directly into it!
  • Very bright LEDs

    posted by Potsyweber

    Very bright and well-spread lightNo problems using with dimmerLow power consumptionLED's should outlive the car
    I bought this as a replacement dome light for a 2001 Civic. I first tried both items 51003 and 51515, but was disappointed with the brightness and narrow light spread of these two lights, which are better suited as map lights. When I installed this light, I was impressed with the amount of light that was being emitted - the light was very bright and was well spread throughout the interior of the car - just like the stock incandescent bulb. The only difference is that the light is not a warm yellow but a cool blue. Finally, I managed to find an LED that can truly serve as a true replacement for an incandescent bulb. I was a little concerned hat the LED may not dim properly with the dome light's auto dimmer but my worries were put to rest when the light dimmed and shut off completely.
    A good LED if you are looking for a bright and wide-spread light. Pretty pricey compared to other similar LED's sold here but uses 1/4 of the power of an incandescent and should never need replacing.
  • T10/BA9S/Festoon 0.9W 12V 6-LED Car Ceiling Dome L

    posted by rudeboyinc

    PROPPER red light
    very powerfull
    I been looking for festoon red for a while now to light the interior of my Alfa red ...
    Now i been using festoon bulbs 6 and 8 LED red and these are rubbish ..Not enought right and pretty useless
    Finally I found this ...only 6 LED emitters but these are SUPER bright and are fitted super easy
    I didnt even need all the hardware delivered beacue the package comes with adapters for every possibly 12 V socket/connection
    none...greta product great design
    make em cheaper i buy again
  • Very interesting set for a reasonable price

    posted by Hiczuk

    A very good fit to the shape of the plates in the existing lamps. Very easy to install, although it was a problem with one connector was soldered askew. Very well adapted brightness - it is clear, but it does not offend. Interesting color of the light can resemble the light in the dissecting room or the old LED lamps, is acceptable. The light blue colored or even slightly fillets. Working properly blanking lighting. Ideally suited for Citroen C5 X7.
    The color of light she could be more natural - less mortuary. But if it is associated with the restrictions apply to the brightness is better to have as it is.
    If someone is a fanatic "warm, sunny colors of light" should not buy this set. But if someone wants to have a stylish, modern, bright, but without exaggeration backlight way I can recommend this set.

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