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t10 2 Customers Reviews

  • Very bright, solid with high build quality

    posted by crazyrog17

    I've been through many plug and play LEDs, most were miserably dim and failed quickly.This pair are bright enough to be seen day or night. They make a great throw onto my garage door at with good yellow/amber color. When I lock or unlock the car, they flash bright which makes it easier to find.
    Shouldn't be too tall for most applications. I am using this in place of a 914 T5 based bulb.
    Highly recommended. Good price and low power consumption.
  • Great LEDs

    posted by Rakhil

    With these LEDs, I love the small format and size, they fit in my ceiling light in my car without a problem. Also, they are very focused and bright so I keep them in side lights. I got tired of bulbs that advertise as white but are actually blue, these are a rare find.
    Maybe a yellow color of the base should be white, to blend better.
    Great value for money.
  • I bought this set again

    posted by smileymouse

    Great set, still after one month of use. No change of colour, as bright as on the first day of use.
    Look, I bought this set again, for my friend, as he was excited to see them on my car.
    I put few pictures in the review of this product, so you can see the effect. They do have a bit of blue colour, but they do the job required. I bought them twice, so that's the bes recomendation.
  • Brilliant bright parking light in my car

    posted by hallgeirhelland

    This is a very powerful blue-ish white LED lamp which fits well in the parking light socket in the front headlight of my 1997 Mercedes-Benz C-class sedan. It gives more light than the standard bulb, of course, and I like it a lot.Seems to be well put together, and fits well in the socket.
    Some may think the price is a bit high, but it is a fair price IMO as these bulbs are quite bright and seem well built. Mine have lasted for many months already, not long for LED bulbs but the enviroment they're in isn't exactly very friendly to electronics.
    I'd buy it again.
  • very good product

    posted by zsotesz

    - 12V- very bright, more light than the original W5W bulb- build quality very good- well packed- Fits into standart car light bulb socket, very easy install (plug and play)- cheap-I think it looks good, other than the other t10 leds
    - very good for this price.- used as parking light- size: longer than original w5w bulb- Before installation check polarity - LED diodes won`t work if installed incorrectly!- recommend this to buy
    - for this price this lamps are awesome, buy it!

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