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These cool t10 2 smd are high quality and at affordable prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. smd 5630 t10 or t10 20 smd contains many hot and popular products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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t10 2 smd Customers Reviews

  • Awesome Bulbs

    posted by crazyrog17

    I've been through MANY of these plug and play bulbs. These are, by far, the best I've had my hands on. Yes, they are noticeably brighter than sibling SKU 159037. Bright amber light, makes a great cast from my front corner lights. With just my running lights on, these LEDs make me feel safer going down the road knowing other drivers can see me coming.
    Make sure your reflector housing has room for the taller bulb. Didn't check to see if they were polarity sensitive.
    Throw a few pair of these in your cart.
  • Say goodbye to bluish LED. Welcome to pure white!!

    posted by joevidi1

    Great price for great bulbs. Finally I've found there a multi-led bulb which provides true 6000k temp colour exactly as it claims. Draws significantly less power and they looks perfect for cars that mount xenon lights. Good packaged.
    I didn't expect so much for less than 4 euros. There's no doubt, I recommend them.
    Very interesting purchase
  • Excellent LEDs to go with Xenon lights!

    posted by AmiloD

    Light coming at the front is very bright, very uniform thx to 4 small emitters instead of 1 big one.White light (~5200K). Work as excellent parking lights in my Alfa Romeo along with Xenon lights.These work with car's built-in light monitoring system (cheaper LED give Bulb error) thanks to built in resistors.Bright. These are definately brighter than normal w5w bulbs that give yellow light.
    Could have plastic base to hide the resistors? They get hot to touch..
    Excellent LEDS! I was looking for something to replace yellow parking light and these are the perfect ones to do so! I love them so far.
  • Very bright, solid with high build quality

    posted by crazyrog17

    I've been through many plug and play LEDs, most were miserably dim and failed quickly.This pair are bright enough to be seen day or night. They make a great throw onto my garage door at with good yellow/amber color. When I lock or unlock the car, they flash bright which makes it easier to find.
    Shouldn't be too tall for most applications. I am using this in place of a 914 T5 based bulb.
    Highly recommended. Good price and low power consumption.
  • very bright and good looking!

    posted by Hottuning

    Very good colourVery brightLow power usagevery cheap!
    These are the best for this price! I have never found anything else like this for such a low low price! Ive used them on several cars now and they amaze me everytime. The colour is outstanding and the brightness is amazing! Ive bought known brand wich couldnt even begin to compare to this quality en price range. I cant keep telling you how good this product is, but I have to have a 500 characters review before this is added, what is a whole lot in English for just a simple review. Maybe they ask 500 because in asian u need more characters or something? I don’t know, but now im done with typing.
    buy this, u will never find a better quality for such a low price!


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