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  • Stylish, cheap and great working bulbs

    posted by camperuk

    Nice and bright bulbs that look very stylish in clean lenses of any kind. Light is icy white color, very intense and bright but does not blind more than a regular halogen bulb. Low current draw, low heat.
    I think that those could be made in warmer colours other than cold white.
    Great buld quality, great light spread for a fraction of a shop price.
  • Can bus t10 nice

    posted by shio83

    Very good quality of build and very nice blueish color (6500K realy) Works also very well with GM canbus and the is no flashing like the bulbs I had before. The bulbs have 360 degrees light and a nice feel to it. They are just like on the ficture.
    If you're able to use some insulating tape and fix the contacts don't buy this product.
    Great light, good color, a little warm but at the end of the day a great overall quality and price ratio.
  • Very good T10 LED lamp

    posted by JohnJackGit

    It really has current regulation. Current draw is same 53-56 mA at 13.5 V and at 23 V input voltage. Maximum current for used emitters is 60 mA, so unlike most LED lamps that one is slightly underdriven, it will not overheat and burn out.Warm white LEDs are much closer to incandescent light than common bluish cool white. It will not mess with the color of the dashboard indicators and is easier for eyes in darkness.Generally, LED lamps take muck less power than incandescent bulbs and produce more light. That one is not an exception.
    LEDs are diodes, so they need to be plugged with proper polarity. There are no marks on the lamp, but if you look to the side with hieroglyphic picture, three-legged chip is at minus side and "121" resistor is at plus side.Light goes to sides and not directly forward. Can be a pro, a con, but mostly it doesn't matter.
    Good replacement lamp. Work much longer than cheaper lamps and brighter than bulbs.
  • It's a Chinese bulb for your car

    posted by gtsteve

    They are made of ceramic not plastic so heat should not be a problem, they are very blueish or cold looking which is very popular now.
    They are a bit like tyres, they look ok but it will take a few years to see how long they last.
    They are just a light bulb for the car. They either work or they don't. After a week 3 out or four work.
  • This is a good led light bulb

    posted by atjelie

    this led does what he needs to do. When you plug in you need to change the + and -. Leds don't work if the + is not on the +. If it doesn't work just flip over the led to the other side en it will work.package is perfect. it will not brake, good built quality. the color of the led is 6000k to 8000k. But it is very bright of view.
    I like the leds. they have a good built quality. the color is bright and came in a package that is perfect.the package is the yellow package as always. the leds wont brake in this package.
    I would buy it again. these leds are very good. the package is good. everything was for me good.


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