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switching power supply 12v

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switching power supply 12v Customers Reviews

  • Good and cheap

    posted by Mirkovich

    - Has inner fuse (so it's safe to connect it without an external one).- Metallic case.- Has ground-chasis pin.- The PCB has a cut that isolates input and output sections. Only 3 components connect each side: the main transformer, an optocoupler and what seems to be a capacitor.- The 3 way connector is 110-220v input. The pin more closer to the center is ground (at least in mine), can be tested to have continuity to the metal case.- The 2 way connector is 12v output. The pin closer to the center seems to be +12v and the other seems to be ground (I don't see it to be connected to the case, so it's a different, isolated ground from the ground at the input).- My tester measured: 12,02v without any load. 12,01v with 350mA load.- Has a led to knew when it's working.
    - There's a variable resistor near the led. I tried moving it like a quarter of a turn left and right and output voltage was moving from 11v to 13v. Most people will not need to know this, but it's useful if you need something "around" 12v but not exactly (when you work with automotive things you might need something like car's battery, that aren't exactly 12v, but rather in 12,6v-13,8v range).
    I'll definitively buy a couple more.
  • Good power supply for DIY projects at amazing price

    posted by KashifSMalik

    Small form factor, stable output voltage, no humming noise.
    The green LED lights up when AC power is supplied. It is a nice feature. Another good feature is that the input and output leads have to be screwed onto the unit. This makes sure that the contacts are tight and would not cause short circuits.I use it with an audio amplifier circuit and mini MP3 player unit I also got from DX.com.
    Good power supply for DIY projects at amazing price. Just make sure that the max current draw is under 2A.
  • Great little gadget

    posted by mtrcek

    The board is great. Powerful enough, it is small and compact switch mode power supply. I have used it as a LED stripe driver (for 1m of LED stripe) and as small audio system power supply. For the last one - it is very quiet, the EMI circuit does it's job. The holes make it easy to install.
    A very good and usefull SMPS. I really recommend it.
  • Works as expected

    posted by Zden

    Works as expected, good quality. I ordered it for a LED stripe. Even a non electrician as I can figure out where the cables go.
    For about the same price, I can get a PS for a PC rated 350W. I am not able to compare the qualities of both, but I should have considered this alternative. A PC PS has more parts, so I would expect a lower price here, but as I already said, I am not an electrician.
    Well, as I already mentioned, the PS for a PC might be a better deal.
  • reliable aluminium case PSU

    posted by eftodi

    Easy to mount cable on terminal with good screw contact. Well ventilated aluminium case Small and compact unit that can easily be mouted anywere and kept hidden. mouting brakets are available, so you don't have to buy enternal mounting box.
    The output terminals are marked with + and - while whould have been easier for every one to additionaly mark the area with output, while the other side input. The terminal side can be isolated with duct tape, in order to prevent accidental access of the hot wires.
    Good quality PSU. Heatspreading aluminium case.


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