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switch usb 2.0

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switch usb 2.0 Customers Reviews

  • Large block!

    posted by ProDigit

    - Has many ports- Sufficient space to plug in 2 USB sticks next to each other (0.9mm between ports instead of 0.5mm like on most laptops)- Very fast! I have speeds of upto 10MB/s when copying from one flash memory to another (could be limited to the flash memory stick), and 27MB/s when copying from 2 flash drives to internal HD.- 5V 2A power source,good for powering some devices!- Red leds are bright enough for day use- Looks well built
    They could have reduced the length somewhat by organizing ports in an array of 2x3 or 2x4 ports instead of 1x7 ports.Don't buy this if you just want to save energy on some ports. The energy the LEDS consume nullify whatever you gain by disabling some ports. If you want to save energy you'll have to either disable the LEDS, or buy a version without leds.The LEDS are a waste of space. They could have easily incorporated the LEDS within the switches.
    Buy it, if you want to have a hardware switch, to disable access to certain devices (eg for safety or security purposes).Do not buy it to save on energy, as this bar will not do that.Otherwise excellent HUB!
  • perfect purchase, not only suitable for printers

    posted by petohl1

    This Manual Switch is not only for printers and certainly not specific for HP/Samsung Printer.This switch is suitable for: keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, printers, external soundcard, or any USB hub (with multiple devices).You can switch to use connected device(s) between 2 computers. Build quality is very good. Small housing, but of thicker plastic material - good resistance.Data lines on the PCB is thick enough. Connectors and switch seem to be a good quality.No electronic inside - good reliability.Switching all wires.Easy to use.
    Don't remember - this is switch: you can use connected mouse, keyboard, hard drive or usb hub only in one computer at a time and you switch which computer that will.
  • Tons of space for a good price

    posted by estebanarg

    Good build qualityThe cap is attached so it can't be lostBig capacityEncrypting softwareReasonable speeds for the price.Doesn't overheat.Needs no drivers and is detected instantly.
    All in all it is a reasonable well priced product which performs well and looks well built.It's NOT a high performance pendrive to use for readyboost in windows vista or 7.
    Ideal pendrive for carrying video and music collection whenever you go, it is almost like a mini-harddisk. I recommend it.
  • Nice easy to use power selectable USB Hub

    posted by mmlabelle

    The main advantage of this hub over others is that you can individually switch on-off each of the ports individually. This allows you to effectively manage device availability (scanner, camera, drive or other)
    Wish it came with a power brick to off load the power load from the PC.
    Good value, easy to use and works will with non-apple devices if used for charging.
  • Very useful!

    posted by zprotrickxhotzz

    It is a very compact unique usb 4-port. It has a great look and works also great! Another pro is that you can switch between the ports, ON & OFF. I think this is a very good port for a very low price!!!
    Just an awesome gadget that works pretty well........... The on and off switches are very useful when you want to switch one of the off.
    Summary: Just buy and enjoy of it! It is cheap so :).....

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