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  • Good product, not so satisfied.

    posted by guiborn

    The product has nice leds and their switches are a great feature!
    Overall it's a good product, I would not expect so much more for a product in this price, but I found weird that it didn't work with my mouse.
    For it's price the product is OK. It could have had labeled somewhere what adapter is needed to run it with full power.
  • A beautiful Switch to solve your problems of lack of HDMI

    posted by MaxFox

    Be amazed as this switch is well built and works very good. I see no signal loss or interference. No external power is required for it to work it is very good! In certain cases it detects the device connected.
    I really did not think this swithc would work as well, but he is exelente! If it does not detect your device altomaticamente just go up to him and press the button to select it.
    I recommend this to all Switch and friends.
  • Works fine have had this for 6 + months

    posted by claytonj001

    Works out of the box and the remote makes it easy to use. Have used this item daily for over six months with no problems.
    Good deal for the price, costs less than many manual types. If you are tired of getting up to switch between Av feeds this is for you.
  • It just works

    posted by fredeve

    VERY cheap.Just works.Doesent feel very cheap.have usead for over a month, it still works.The RJ45 contact seem to be of good quality.
    for this price, this product is awsome, the plastic doesent feel very cheap.Did not take to long to ship.
    only place on the web i could find such a product, and it was very cheap.I use this device every day to switch between two internal networks, no problems at all. I give this product my best ratings.Thumbs up from me.
  • Grea as a cheap KVM (minus V) but QA could be improved!

    posted by nPete

    Description says it's for printers, but if you have an USB keyboard and mouse (preferably a keyboard that has a hub, so that a single connection will do for both) and a monitor with multiple video input, you'd be a fool not to use this with a pair of cheap Type A -> Type B USB cables and use it as a KVM (minus V).As this is a purely mechanical switch, any extra features from your mouse/keyboard will be preserved.
    Apart from the poor soldering, this is a sturdy item with good design. Now I can use two computers at the same time with a single set of keyboard/mouse, and easily switch between them. Considering the price of DVI+USB KVMs, this is totally worth it!
    If you need a cheap USB KVM, and your monitor has enough ports to do the video switching, get this. But better be prepared to have a soldering iron at hand, just in case.

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