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  • Very usefull gadet. everyone can operate it and you can plug more hdmi

    posted by llimajun

    Very usefull device. With it you can plug more 4 hdmi device in only one port.
    This gadet fixed my problem, because I have more than 3 hdmi equipament and my tv has only two inlet hdmi port.I recommended it for every one that have the same issue.
    This gadet has a only one button to change the inlet hdmi port and you can change the hdmi inlet port only pushing this button.
  • Great for desktops

    posted by Supercoke

    -Lights up with blue LEDs-Dual switches to control two groups of hubs-Non-power consuming devices can still be pluged into the hub without power, good for laptops
    Very useful device to have for heavy computer users, was able to replace my tree of usb hubs with one organized hub.
    I would buy this again when I need more usb ports. Highly recommended.
  • good quality in a small package.

    posted by thedicemaster

    the switch is small, and doesn't need to be in plain view thanks to the separate ir receiver and remote.
    and even without those, the automatic switching works great.
    the remote's signals can also easily be added to a universal remote.
    audio and video both come through at a constant sharp 60hz 1080p.
    although the switch comes without a power supply, so far it works fine with any device i plugged in.
    a warning though for ps3-slim owners: best to plug it into port 3, it seems it sees a ps3 in standby(off) as running.
    it does it's job, and takes little space.
  • Plug and play!

    posted by jvw

    Great product to make connect more HDMI devices to your TV. Easy setup. Easy to use. Plug and play. Got it to work in five minutes. Connect all devices and you're good to go. I got it connected to my Samsung TV set (which only had one HDMI input), my Apple TV (2nd gen) and Motorola settop box. I also got it to work with my Harmony 525. So I really don't need the remote that came with it. After a while you even do not realize the swich is there. If you change from one activity to another, the swich changes the input automaticly. Resonable price, but
    Fairly good product. Would buy another if I needed it.
  • Great little switch

    posted by MrZebedee

    + Very compact.+ Sound build quality.+ Connects up to 3 HDMI sources to 1 HDMI device.+ Automatically switches the input channel when a live source is connected or when a connected source is powered on.+ Also has a switch to cycle through input channels if need be.+ Switches input channels quickly, ~2.5 seconds @ 1080 res.+ Small, discreet (except for LED's), black, simple.
    Some have complained about the 4-way location of the sockets leading to a quadropus arrangement; this in fact works to my advantage as I have 2 devices that I wish to connect permanently to my panel and a laptop that I sometimes connect from my coffee table in front of it. Given that the left, right and rear sockets (inputs 3 & 1 and output) are taken this leaves the socket at the front (input 2) free for my laptop, which is an ideal location for access.It's actually a plus for me.At any rate you can leave the whole shebang behind the display due to the fact that in most circumstances the switch will automatically chose the input that the device you just turned on is connected to so you won't be diving for the switch button very often, if at all.Just grab some velcro cable tidies (sku.32153) and you're off.
    It's a thing and it does stuff. Won't polish your back-parts but it will keep you up watching documentaries on a work night.Buy one if you know what's good for you.**Not to be used for the other use.**


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